Friday, November 5, 2010

Brain Elliptical

I am possibly one of the world's worst spellers.

It's embarrassing (yea I spelled embarrassing wrong just now) how many of those red squiggly line's indicating you've misspelled something show up during any writing I do.

But that's what spell check is for. And I do learn from my mistakes--I pay attention to the word's that I've misspelled and try to not do it again. At least in that same paragraph.

However, there will ALWAYS be words I will never ever spell correctly on my first try:
  • guarantee
  • restaurant
  • convenience 
  • license
I accept that I am a rotten speller, so to combat my weakness, I like to give my brain a good exercise.

By playing a game on my phone.

Sounds real intelligent, huh?

I've been playing Words With Friends--a version of Scrabble--on my phone for the past few months. I have come up with some doozies--one word I thought I had made up (turned out to be real!) gave me 88 points!

I love getting the triple word score! E-mail me: reprojeans at gmail dot com
if you have this game and want to challenge my skills! (not much of a challenge, I promise)

How do you keep your brain challenged? I tried doing Soduku--I end up getting way too frustrated! I do love crosswords--my goal is to complete the USAToday puzzle someday. I rock at the People Magazine crossword--of course that's all pop culture :)

And they say, a glass of red wine a day is good for you--so feel smart when you drink this glass for today's Virtual Wine Club: Duplin Winery's Burgundy wine

The driest of our red wines, Burgundy is made from the Noble grape and picked early in the season. It has a complexity that can only be achieved with special aging. This full-bodied favorite is soft, dry , and velvety with a clean finish. 


  1. I absolutely LOVE Brain Age and Brain Age 2 for the Nintendo DS. The games are fun, they keep your brain really active, and I actually learned how to play sudoku on it. I still suck at it but I learned.

  2. I love crosswords.In fact, I'm off to do the USA Today one after I leave this comment.

  3. I consider myself a bit of a grammar and spelling nazi ...or I did till I started writing via the phone. Anyway, there are still words I never get right the first time: exercise and sandwich to name two.
    I love Unblock Me on my phone right now. I should try more crossword puzzles!
    The other J

  4. "Nessacerily" never fails to fluster me (I'm sure I did it wrong here too!), and unfortunatley used to, but now I s-o-u-n-d it out :)

  5. i am totally a terrible speller. i man, TERRIBLE!!! glad I am in good company ;)

  6. I love word puzzles of all kinds, and logic puzzles and sudoku. Yeah, basically, I'm just a puzzle kind of person! Lately, the only chance I really get to "exercise" my brain (and, BOY, does it need exercising, what with all the goo-goo talk I do these days...) is doing word puzzles on my kindle while I nurse the boys at night, the kind where you see how many words you can make out of a set of letters. I'm starting to get better at it, so it must be working to make me "smarter"!

  7. I'm a terrible speller, too. I have taught myself tricks for restaurant and license, which used to get me. I can't think of what I usually get wrong, but there are a lot of words. I tend to mix up i and e in words.

  8. How about I spell words so bad Firefox's suggestions don't even have the word I MEANT as a choice? I have to correct my misspelled word before it will come up with the right word.

    Quite embarassing. (see, misspelled that.

    I can NEVER spell Definitely correct. LOL. I have issues with niece and license too. I LOVE firefox for that reason.
    I like all of the nintendo DS games I like Puzzler, Touchmaster, Brain Ages. :)
    I have android, and use word wise. I like that one the best. :)


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