Sunday, November 7, 2010

Deck the Halls

How early do you decorate for the holidays?

How early do you wrap gifts?

When do you start listening to holiday music?

Do you have a unique holiday tradition?

We start decorating the day after Thanksgiving, Mook has already started wrapping presents, and I haven't listened to a Christmas song yet--but Im not opposed to it. And my funny holiday tradition? If it's not snowing, or at least raining/grey outside, the window blinds must stay closed. I think every Christmas should be a "White Christmas"--and if it's not--I'll at least pretend :)

Each year, I never feel fully prepared--but when are we ever prepared? But we just took down the rest of Halloween today, and I'm anxious to have things that light up and sparkle back in the living room. I'm resisting for a bit longer--not because I don't want them up, but I'm starting to realize what a challenge this decorating season might be--a certain little boy is into everything so no doubt, he will want to help me unpack the boxes.

To start the holiday cheer, enjoy Le Paradou Viognier for today's Virtual Wine Club

The pure, round taste is backed by ample freshness,
blossoming into fruits with an almond finish



  1. Hell, you have a child... all schedules are off. Live like a kid again and put up some of the decorations now. :) Maybe having decorations up early will help all of us get more motivated to get our xmas list done! And you can tell Mook that he can kiss my you know what for having all of his shopping done already!

  2. We traditionally put the tree and decorations up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. (That was our tradition from my family) This year I really don't have the urge yet to rush it--I really am finding that time is moving so damned fast (wasn't it Christmas just a little bit ago?)

    But...the reason why I was online--I was fixing up my Christmas song playlist on my IPod....

    I have a couple of Willow's presents in the car, cleverly concealed in the shipping box they came in. We don't wrap many of the gifts until closer in...

    Glad to see you getting in the spirit! :-)

  3. We usually put our tree up in early December because we have a live tree and we keep it up all the way through Epiphany in early January.

    I'm usually wrapping presents the week through the night before Christmas.

    Holiday music comes out on Thanksgiving.

    Nothing really gets done for Christmas earlier than December 7th or so because we have 3 birthdays, our anniversary, and Thanksgiving in a 21 day period starting on November 15th.

  4. I am so ready for christmas decorations, but we usually hold off until the week of Thanksgiving. We will see if we make it :) I have wrapped the few presents I have bought so far, but I have a LONG way to go. I am hoping to do must of my shopping the day after Thanksgiving.

    As for odd traditions, sisters and I still dress alike when we go to my grandparents house for christmas. Yes we do. We are 32, 31 and 28. WE don't match perfectly, but we coordinate. This year we plan to dress the great grandkids alike as well :)

  5. Presents already?! You over achievers! I have no clue what I'm getting Will and I need to find out who my Pollyanna is for my family before I buy a gift for that person.

    I actually almost bought decorations yesterday at Walgreens. I am NOT a Christmas-y/deck the halls person, but this year I'm all "Christmas! Whee!" (I think it could have something to do with being over the top in love.) Will and I are spending Christmas apart (he's going back to MI to see his family), but we'll have our very own special first Christmas together before he goes.

    I'm so happy it's insane. I want to end every damn sentence with multiple exclamation points. Haha

  6. I usually waited to put the tree up Thanksgiving weekend. The last couple of years though I've been gone that weekend and so it hasn't went up until the first weekend in December. I'm thinking this year I'll maybe start a bit earlier. When I lived in Wa I would put up my outdoor decorations often the first weekend in November because if I didn't get them up before it snowed they may not go up.
    As far as Christmas music? I started hearing it on the radio last Monday. I couldn't decide if I was excited since I LOVE Christmas music and the season or appalled that it was only the day after Halloween and they were already playing it.

  7. Christmas begins the day after Thanksgiving and doesn't end until the Feast of the Epiphany in our house. Matt wraps all the gifts though. That is one of my favorite parts about him.

  8. We decorate and start listening to Christmas music the weekend after Thanksgiving. I'd start the music sooner, but Aaron insists we wait! I wrap most gifts as we get them (usually starting in early December), but if we're flying somewhere, I have to wait until the days right before Christmas. Unique family traditions... My family always opened stocking gifts on Christmas Eve; we'll continue that one. Since this is our first Christmas with a child, we're thinking about what traditions we want to begin for our own family.

  9. We're in Canada, so we already had Thanksgiving. And as soon as Halloween is done, the stores bring out all the Christmas stuff. However, my tradition is to wait until after Remembrance Day on November 11 to start getting festive. I believe Remembrance Day is due its respect so I tend to hold off til at least then. After that, I usually start planning things. I get cards ready to drop in the mail around December 1, and my decorations and tree are always up for the month of December, and until January 6 (aka Old Christmas Day, Epiphany). This year, decorations will be of the non-breakable kind, given that Petite is mobile and darn curious! As for traditions, we have tons. From the types of stockings that we do, to the foods that we eat, to the mandatory Christmas music while we decorate the tree. The only presents we'll be buying this year are for Petite. Other than that, we'll do stockings for Petite, ourselves, my parents and Hubby's kids (who are all here celebrating with us this year). I'm looking forward to Christmas... and as Petite grows, to seeing it through her eyes and passing on the traditions I know and love.

  10. I started buying a few small things already, that is a big step for me!!
    we will probably decorate sometime after thanksgiving, I won't wrap presents until the last minute! and we have a few holiday events planned that I am very exctied about.
    BUT first? Find some cute toddler girl clothes for her to wear!!

  11. I was cleaning the living room last Saturday and made sure to fold up the card table under the bar (that had become more of a catch-all than anything it was initially meant for) with the thought of wanting to put stockings up soon:-) Christmas is my favorite holiday. I've been humming Christmas songs for months (not around others, of course, in fear of sure death). I already have the majority of my family's gifts taken care of (not wrapped yet).

    Last year, W didn't want to put up a real tree b/c we had a newborn and we weren't going to be at home much. He promised me this year we could do lights and go pick out a real tree. I can NOT tell you how excited I am to take B to get it, pick it out, bring it home, and decorate. I'm sure any day now we will start to see the boy scouts setting up their tree stands. Woowoot!

    Don't get me wrong, I'm actually looking forward to Thanksgiving first. It really is a great time (and oh-so-yummy food).

    Traditions are so fun with my family (hmm, maybe a post on that specifically?). I wanna go grab the box in the attic and start putting stuff up!:-)

  12. I'm ready to drag at the Christmas decor as soon as someone will let me!!

    Actually, Hubby is big on decorating the house and he has actually already started on it, hopeing to take advantage of the last of the warm(er) weather. I'll probably wait until Thanksgiving to put the tree up. Christmas music starts the night of the tree decorating. Baking will start a couple of weeks later. My favorite thing to do during the holidays - bake, listen to Christmas music and enjoy a bottle of wine. A perfect evening for me!


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