Saturday, November 6, 2010

Frigid Digits

It doesn't matter if it's 90 or 15 degrees out--my toes are always cold. 

This works to my advantage in the summer time, since it helps keep me cool--but it's so frustrating when it starts to get cold. But oh man, what a great "weapon"--Mook gets quite a shock when I scoot my feet over to his side of the bed--hehe!

I have tried almost everything to help warm up my "toe-pops":
  • socks
  • toe socks
  • fleece slippers
  • warm inserts (the kind you put in the microwave)
  • blankets
  • sticking them in the fire (kidding, but Ive come close)
I've only been able to find 3 things that work:
  • hot water bottle/heating pad 
  • hot shower or bath
  • wine
Anyone else have any other suggestions? Do you have trouble keeping your feet warm this time of year? Speaking of--does anyone else get chilly after eating a meal? I've heard that it's your metabolism working. Or am I just a weirdo? (don't answer that)

Since wine is one of the only things that keeps me warm, you know I'll be keeping a glass nearby for the next few months. Today's Virtual Wine Club choice is Rooster Black from Weathervane Winery:

A Merlot, flavored with sweet blackberries, is perfect for sipping!

So as much as I love this time of year with the chill in the air, the colors, the holiday cheer--I dread not being able to feel my toes again until around May.



  1. I have a horrible time with toe-pops as well. I don't mind it too much, but Will seems to not find the humor with me sliding my feet under him at night:-)

    I love blackberries, but I've never had a blackberry wine...Is this one tart?

  2. Matt is always hot, so he lets me put my cold feet on him with pleasure.

    My uncle puts his shoes in the oven before he leaves for work.

  3. If wine works to warm your toes, why do you need any other suggestions?! =)

    I knew someone once who got cold after meals. I'm, however, kind of the opposite. I get cold when I'm hungry!

  4. ROFL, I just wrote about how my cold toes tell me it's fall.

  5. My Grandmother used to say "cold hands - warm heart, stinky feet - no sweet heart"

    So for you it would be "cold feet - warm heart, clinky drinks - and a sweet heart"

    shut up, I'm all emo today.

  6. I think you are on the right track with the wine... lots of it.

  7. Just another example of why wine is so incredibly useful!

  8. I am always, always cold. My hands and feet are the worst. Right now my fingers are STIFF from the cold (have been in my office for almost 2 hours) and my toes are cold, too. No suggestions except really thick socks. :-)

  9. I remember my RE asking me if I often had cold toes and fingers and screaming YES! I've always been the one complaining about cold feet in my house, too. So last year for Christmas, my husband got me these AWESOME knit house-booties from the GAP and I have to say... they totally warm the tootsies. I wear them non stop in the winter and fall and they are practically threadbare now. I'm asking for new ones this year. :)


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