Monday, November 15, 2010

Penny Pinch

All the talk over the years of making the penny obsolete makes me sad.

I've always been a fan of finding Abe Lincoln's face on the sidewalk, making a wish and promptly placing the coin in my piggy bank for a rainy day.

I was taught at a young age the value of saving, making the most of your money and being in control of the money that you have. My mom taught me how to balance a checkbook at 15 when I got my first job, and I'll never forget that first trip to the bank to open my very own account. I'm proud to say I still have that exact same account, and while it's had as little as $5 in it, I'll keep it as long as the bank is in business!

While I've met more frugal people than me, I must admit to you that I'm a stinker when it comes to spending money. Not that it's a bad thing--but I do wish I could be more care-free sometimes. But I love the hunt of a good deal. While my friends in high school were shopping at The Limited and Gap, I would take my babysitting money and shop at K-Mart and thrift stores to get more for my money.

Now that I'm an adult and have to shop for things like toilet cleaner, detergent, dog food, etc., my love for the hunt of a good deal hasn't stopped. I do use the good ole fashion way of coupon clipping from the paper once in a while, but there are so many good websites out there that keep you updated on deals.

Tell me: how do you pinch pennies? Any good coupon hunters out there? I love swapping trade-secrets, ideas and ways to keep Abe Lincoln in my piggy bank!

And I still love to hunt for non-household items, too. Just 'cause I'm a grown up with responsibilities, doesn't mean I can't shop for fun anymore :) 

So when my friends over at Who Wants To Know extended a challenge for us gals to go to a local thrift store and share what we could buy for $10, I was giddy with anticipation--I got to go hunting!

You MUST go over and see my wonderful finds--and check back all week for what the other ladies found. You will be amazed how much I saved.

To stick with my frugal finds, I must tell you about a wine that I picked up just because I thought: "How good can this wine be? It's only $2.99!"

Hey, it was good--no icky bitter suflite aftertaste--and even better? At my local Walmart, it's been 99-cents the past two weeks. Ya'll--thats a full bottle of decent Pinot Grigio for a dollar. A win-win in my book. Enjoy a glass of Oak Leaf Pinot Grigio* for today's Virtual Wine Club!

(Imagine a picture of wine here)

*At the time of uploading this post, blogger decided it didn't like me and won't let me post anymore pictures. Maybe it's all my cheap talk. (ha!)


  1. I've been looking for ways to cut back on spending, especially groceries. I don't get the paper, so I don't have coupons. What websites do you use?

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  3. There were GREAT coupons in the paper this week! And great ads! I saved $80 on my grocery bill! I love saving money. :)

  4. I admit... I'm a coupon fiend! I got really excited last weekend when our local grocery was doing bonus coupon doubles (doubling up to $1.98). I saved a record $60 on our grocery tab last week AND stocked up on a bunch of stuff we usually buy elsewhere.

    And I admit that I was MAD when our local paper didn't have any coupon inserts in it this past sunday... (I don't know if it was just MINE, or whether we didn't get the coupons this weekend. GRR).

    Anyway, I frequent the The Thrifty Couple, because they post lots of deal scenarios that help me figure out where to get the best deals (helpful with drug store stuff-- not so helpful with groceries, since they don't do posts on the grocery chains in our area), ESPECIALLY on diapers.

  5. first, we must be seperated at birth because I still have my very first checking account too!
    also, I LOVE a good deal. I have become such a coupon whore lately - I am not nearly as awesome as some of the other people I have seen adn honestly, it totally overwhelms me to the point i just say screw it usually....
    but I regularly can get diapers for under .20/e (as lowa s .09/diaper! for real! so hey, that's cool! (and i got a dress and a shirt from NY&co this past week for $15....) but nothing really beats the thrift store.

  6. Oak Leaf is a decent inexpensive wine.

    One of our biggest ways of pinching pennies is shopping at Aldi's and Sam's Club. Those stores are truly life savers for our budget.

  7. I so need to get back to thrifting. Seems I have let it slip since C entered the picture, but the drive is still in me and hell, to this day, my favorite pair of maternity pants are a pair of $7.99 Seven jeans I altered after I bought them from Goodwill.

  8. nice finds. i need to be a better grocery store coupon clipper. i clip them but then forget where i put them. my money savings come from the fact that i just don't shop that much. :)

  9. I wish you could come and live with me...
    because I am TERRIBLE with money...I have to ask for permission to spend it and my hubby doesn't let me near the checkbook (for VERY GOOD REASONS) I always say that he saved my life in so many of them being my credit.

    but enough about me and my terrible money skillz....I am always so impressed with anyone with a good mind for money and business. Although I will admit that I love a good bargain and I too will shop somewhere less expensive to get more for my money and I use TONS of coupons for EVERYTHING.

    last week, my grocery bill was amost $70 less because of the bargains and coupons....

    I will be using some of your Techniques if you share. :)

  10. I am all about Costco and warehouse savings. I am amazed at how much we save on basics like eggs, coffee and milk. Plus? They sell a ton of organic options which makes me BEYOND happy because organics are SO expensive.

    I also use Amazon subscription for all my diapers. I am getting a huge box of 96 Huggies for $22!!! My local Target sells a box of 40 for $19.99. Plus? Shipping is free.


  11. I watch all the time!


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