Sunday, November 14, 2010

Comfort Food

When the temperature drops, my appetite goes up.

It takes a lot of will-power to not over-do it and keep my portions in control this time of year--something about that extra cheese on my bowl of chili just makes it sooo much better.

I definitely have comfort food in warmer weather, too--like ice cream. But the comfort foods this time of year are my faaaaavorite:

  1. Chili (no beans)
  2. Potato soup
  3. Lasagna
  4. Mac-N-Cheese: with hot dogs cut up and mixed in, covered in ketchup
Please say you will still love me after reading #4...I know its weird. But it's so good. And it's such a great comfort food for me.

So spill it (not your food!)--what are you favorite comfort foods? The weirder, the better. Don't leave me out here all alone with my hot dog mac-n-cheese combo.

And you know what goes great with all comfort foods?


Enjoy a glass of 2007 Hervé Azo Chablis for today's Virtual Wine Club. It's definitely a great comfort wine!



  1. I know it's awful but I love 2 kinds of hamburger helper. I can't help it! I grew up on that stuff and sometimes it's just so darn good!

  2. Anything starchy + cheesy/creamy. Risotto tops the list right now. PW's chicken spaghetti casserole is on the list, too. Annie's white cheddar mac'n'cheese is another fave.

  3. Love mac-n-cheese and pretty much any pasta. Pizza is my ultimate comfort food, though.

  4. While your hot dog/mac n cheese creation sounds gross.. I can understand why it would taste good :)
    I love french fries dipped in a milkshake and soft pretzels filled with cheese. (I have 2 boxes in the freezer in preperation for my next IVF)

  5. I Still love you but number 4 sounds gross. Gimme a good homemade mac 'n cheese (sans hot dogs and ketchup) as comfort food anyday.

  6. Well, we combine your number 1 and number 4. We like our chili with mac and cheese, and we always have chili dogs the night after we have chilli. Soup soup and more soup. "Hamburg Soup" was my mom's specialty. Grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup. MMMM...I'm getting hungry!!

  7. JJ- I like the idea of hotdogs in mac and cheese minus the ketchup, or is it catsup?

  8. Pot roast and pot pies. I also find anything white bread irresistible in the winter... croissants, crescent rolls, cinammon rolls, pastries, donuts... UGH. Hate it.

  9. Pot roast and mash.
    Meatloaf and mash.

    And of course, chili.

    #4 - I can't officially say "gross" because I've never tried it, but I'm not sure I would. I won't hold it against ya though.

    p.s. Your bio picture over at WWTK is stunning!!

  10. Mmmmm...comfort food...
    Definitely mashed potatoes with salt and butter! Homemade mac-n-cheese, sans ketchup, thank you.
    Oddities are hard to identify if you don't have an objective person; hmm....we like hard salami spread with cream cheese. Ranch dressing on Chili's french fries?
    That's all I've got for now...

  11. Have you tried this hot dog mac n cheese? I just made it recently for a party,'for the kids' of course :) Highly recommend.

    For me, pretty much anything caloric is delish. One super-unhealthy thing that always calls to me at restaurants is chili cheese fries.

    Now I'm hungry, even though I just had lasagna for dinner!

  12. Your #4 sounds similar to something H and I eat (except without ketchup for me...). When it was my dad's turn to cook, he would often make smoked sausage (like the hillshire farms precooked link things) and macaroni & cheese (the blue box kind). And so, I made it once for H, and he loved it, except that he's all weird and eats ketchup on his sausage-- so, not too dissimilar to yours! Of course, I insist on having a green vegetable of some kind on the side, just to pretend that it's sort of healthy...

    Otherwise, my real comfort food favorite is BBQ-- Texas BBQ. Brisket, Elgin sausage, beans, potato salad... YUM. That's one of the first things I eat when I step off the plane at home! Alternately, there's also Chicken Fried Steak, or meatloaf, or mom's chicken spaghetti, or OH! I almost forgot one favorite for this time of year-- Homemade vegetable soup, served with iron skillet cornbread. And then, the best part (the part that people always think is weird) is that you stir a dollop of sour cream into the soup. YUM!

    Okay. Looks like I've got some cooking to do this week!

  13. i carboload like I am going to run a marathon (or, am really hungover...whatever).
    I don't have anything specific, but I could eat mac n cheese on the regular.

  14. Um, I'll have to completely pass on your mac and cheese thing! Eww. lol

    Mac and Cheese by itself is my ultimate comfort food. I'm seriously picky about combining foods that shouldn't be combined so I have now strange combo's.

  15. #4 actually sounds pretty good to me. I think I managed to gross out my husband by putting grape jelly on a turkey sandwich. What I really wanted was jellied cranberry sauce, but didn't have any in the house. Grape jelly / cranberry jelly ... there's actually not that much difference. :)

    I'm really enjoying your wines - virtually of course. Sigh.


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