Thursday, November 18, 2010

A blonde walks into a bar...

How do you keep a blonde busy for hours?

Scroll Down. ---->

<----- Scroll Up.

I've hesitated a few times about whether or not to share this little story. I've already asked you once this week to keep loving me, so I know it's asking a lot for you to not laugh too hard at the following true story.

Earlier this week I told you how frugal I am...and along with the fact that I am job searching, I am looking for ways to cut down on expenses.

So on Monday when I realized that my hair needed a pick-me-up in the color department, I decided to reach out to my girls on Twitter, do some Google research and then buy a highlighting kit, instead of going to the salon. I was quick to buy color-in-a-box back in my college days, but I'm more educated now on the dangers of frying my locks, so I wanted to be careful with my choice.

I took my time. Probably too much time--I debated over brands, colors, yada, yada. But I finally picked one, headed home and set it to the side to use after O-man went to bed. 

Got O-man tucked in, put on comfy PJ's, grabbed my glass of wine and headed to the bathroom. And wow, I forgot how un-sexy wearing a highlighting cap is. Yikes.

I began reading the directions, and made sure I had everything they claimed was in the box. Let me show you exactly what comes in the kit:

  • Highlighting Cap
  • Plastic Styling Hook/Applicator
  • Metal Styling Hook
  • Mixing Tray
  • Lightening Powder
  • Frosting Developer
  • Frosting Protective Creme
  • Conditioning Shampoo
  • Insert
  • Gloves

I had the cap on: check. I saw both of the hooks/applicator: check.

Here's the kicker.

On the directions it says, and I quote, "Combine lightening powder and developer in the tub. Mix well."

Hmmm, the tub? I thought about it, and while it sounded sorta strange, it made sense--"I need to mix this in the tub to keep from making a mess, and then I can just wash it away!"

I proceed to dump the powder and then the bottle of developer in my large garden tub. 

So there I am, bending over the tub, my back beginning to ache, when I turn to stretch and catch a glimpse of the Mixing Tray that the cap and hooks came in.

Oh. My. God. 

I'm sure you can imagine me turning beet red, yelling at myself for being such a BLONDE, and then the comedy that was me trying to get this mixture out of the tub and into the correct tub.

At least the highlights turned out fine, my hair did not fall out, and I saved $60, but severely embarrassed myself in the process. Worth the cost? I'll let you decide... :) 

Hey, blonde's do have more fun, right? Blonde or not, please share a "moment" were your brain just shut down. I'd love to hear some fun stories!

Please enjoy a glass of Buxom Blonde, a Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc blend from Red Hot Mama Wine for today's Virtual Wine Club.

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  1. I was hysterically laughing at this this morning!! Thanks for the laugh. I can't think of a particular blonde moment (there are just too many) I've had.

  2. Hilarious! The image of you scooping the dye out of big tub... All that matter is they turned out good and you saved a bunch of money! Worth it!

  3. Ha!! I did almost the same thing in September! I put the conditioner in the dyeing bottle, not the color, and I waited ten minutes, wondering why it wasn't turning brown. Then I got in the shower and as I was rinsing I thought "it says rinse until the water runs clear... but there's no color..." which is when I realized I dyed my hair with conditioner, not dye. DUH!!! So funny. Glad yours turned out! My second attempt at dyeing made my hair ultra dark!

  4. Ahhhhh hahahahaha! This just made me laugh so hard. It's awesome.

    One time (the last time) I colored my own hair at home (I was also addicted in college) I put on the red, waited the right amount of time, washed it out, and my hair was NEON ORANGE. The wrong color was in the box. THE WRONG COLOR. And it was a really light color, and my hair is dark, so it bleached it all out.

    I had to call the 800 number on the back and they sent me to the store (with hair under a hat) to buy three colors to mix and help cover it up. It kinda worked, but in the end I went to my real hair dresser, who charged $250 to chop off all my hair (it was past my bra when I walked in, it was at my chin when I walked out) and bleach me blond with dark drown and red streaks. He said it was the only way to fix it.

    It actually looked rather cool when he was done.

    I have recently been thinking of coloring on my own again too, because money is so tight. Good to know yours came out well!

    PS. I am the queen of long comments lately.

  5. Umm Pictures?
    As far as the blond moment? I have them all the time. Glad it all worked out well and you saved some bucks.

  6. Katherine's first day of school we were running late and I was panicking over having everything she needed (blanket, diapers, lunch, etc). We rushed to school and I hung around talking to her teachers. Katherine immediately starting stealing this other kids goldfish crackers so the teacher gave her some. That is when I realized I had not fed my child breakfast on her very first day of school. Mother of the Year right here.

  7. Oh that's awesome! I have plenty of blonde moments like that too. Thanks for sharing. Glad your hilights came out great!

  8. Oh no! You can call me ANYTIME for tips on bleaching, coloring, or just about anything when changing your haircolor. I've been doing this for ages now. I even touched up my roots the morning I went into labor!

  9. that is awesome :) I've been doing things like that lately, like pouring my cereal into my tea mug or 'washing my hair' with conditioner first. d'oh!

    WOot woot for saving $60 though :)

  10. Noooooooow I see why I would get a kick out of it. HA HA HA HA HA HA. We still love you!

  11. That is hysterical! If you only knew how many things just like that I've done. Glad your hair turned out ok in the end

  12. HA HA HA HA. That is so freaking funny. I can totally see that happening!!!

  13. We are entitled to one blonde moment per day.

    :-D Thanks for the giggle.

  14. The best part about that story? You love us enough to share it!! Trust me, I've had those moments myself. And I usually try to clean them up before anyone finds out . . .


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