Monday, November 8, 2010

Scenic Stress

Stop and smell the roses.
I try to do this every day: live in the moment!

Don't beat around the bush.
I lost my job.

Make like a tree and leave.
Really no tie to this post, but it's a little tribute to Biff--I cannot believe it's the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future. I love those movies!

So the "scenery" around the Jeans household has been...well...a bit stressful. Two days before we got on the plane to put our toes in the sand to celebrate our anniversary, I found out that my fantastically flexible part time job was kaput.

Remember that scene from "A Christmas Story" when Ralphie says: "Fuuuuuuuuuudddgeeeeeee" Yeah--not how I want to start a vacation. And, you don't want to be on a 6 hour plane ride with me when I am stewing about money.

I felt so guilty being on vacation that week--when really it had already been paid for since we saved for two years. I felt guilty not job searching--but my resume hadn't been updated. I felt guilty for being absent mentally during a time I was supposed to be celebrating my anniversary. Guilt, guilt, guilt.

I finally relaxed enough to put a hurtin' on the Mexican tequila supply and I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in guacamole.

But then it was back to reality. And reality was that: it stinks to be a grown up sometimes.

I'm in the thick of job searching now...wondering what will happen in the next few months. I'd love to be able to magically invent something that everyone needs--why did I not think of Silly Bandz? I mean, good grief, Charlie Brown.

And this little guy reminds me everyday to keep my chin up--we go outside every afternoon to look at the leaves falling (he's fascinated) so I'm doing my best to change the scenery around here from stress-city to zen-let-things-fall-into-place-city.

All good juju thoughts are much appreciated and if you know of anyone who wants to hire a super-duper-hard-working lady, I'm your gal.

Never mind! I just found TONS of jobs I can apply for right here! (I wish!)

Let's ALL raise our glass to less stress and good job juju--I know there are others out there crossing fingers for a job, a raise, promotion, etc. Enjoy a glass of Mad Housewife White Zinfandel for tonight's Virtual Wine Club.

Watermelon and strawberry combine with a
subtle sweetness in this pink treat.



  1. Good luck with the job hunt, I hope it's quick and relatively pain free.

  2. I'm so sorry about your job. that really stinks. I hope you were able to really enjoy your anniversary getaway. best of luck with your search.

  3. Sorry about the job, I hope you find something soon.

  4. Sorry about your job my friend. I hope that you find a new one quickly and that its better than the last one by far.

    Much love

  5. First off, I am so sorry about the job. What a major bummer. It really does suck to be an adult and have to deal with money. We are both working, but when I took this new job at the university it came with a take-home pay cut (less hours, more money into benifits, but still less, in my pocket) And we are feeling the pinch. We thought it would be okay, but turns out, it isn't exactly okay. Each month we dip a little more into the savings to cover "a few extras" that we didn't factor into the budget but always seem to exist. The savings is getting smaller, and the weight on my chest is getting bigger. We don't have a real answer yet, but basically I understand the stress.

    Second, I am in love with Oman. I have lots of blogs I read with kids the same age as Henry, but if I could pick one I think would be his BFF if we lived in the same town, it would be him. They just LOOK like they would love each other. If you find a job in KY, I will be thrilled :).

  6. Ugh. You would be great working in a wine shop!

    Hope you find something soon.

  7. I am sorry about the job loss--wishing you lots of good Juju!

    I actually am in the similar situation that Sarah describes (my husband took a pay cut a year and half ago, with a promise that within 6 months he would be promoted/given a raise). And now...oh boy, do I get the feelings you are describing here. We are really racking our brains to make things work out--and its starting to get to be time for him to either move on to another job (oh, like that is not stressful or anything!)or ask work in a nice way to put up or shut up on the raise (oh and that is not stressful too!)

    Add in that he works long hours...yeah...Being a Grown Up Sucks sometimes!

    But don't feel guilty about taking time out to enjoy life--we only get one go around in it, you know. :-)

  8. Good luck with the job hunt! More time with O-man sounds awesome to me :)

  9. Man, I'd love to run a winery front room with you, that'd be freaking fantastic.

  10. I'm SO SORRY. Got your note and will be responding by snail mail. But I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and what you do next will be awesome. Try to enjoy the extra time with Oman and the time he's in preschool for yourself. You deserve it.

  11. thinking of you sweetie, I'm sorry about the job.
    I'll email you.

    I'm just glad you got to enjoy Mexico and tequila....thatta girl!!!!


  12. Being an adult really does suck...that has been my mantra for a few years now! I'm sorry. I know what it is like to not have a job. You are fantastic though and I'm sure something will come along soon.

  13. I'm sorry. Job unsureness really sucks. I hope this ends up being easy and painless.

  14. You hit the nail on the head - sometimes it sucks to be a grown up. Good luck with the job search - I hope you find something out there just for you and in a hurry!

  15. Eek. I am sure that first shot of tequila was REEEALLLY worth it by the time you got there.

    I love Back to the Future too!

    PS. my Words name is kimbosue

  16. Ugh, I'm also guilty of stressing about things when I should be enjoying the moment. But I'm glad you made the most of it eventually.

    And I second the idea of you working at a wine store. You clearly enjoy it and are knowledgable. Maybe take some courses to build your resume.

    Btw, thank you for commenting on my blog today. It's one of those shitty days I can't wait to put behind me.

  17. I'm really sorry to hear about the job situation. You're so creative, I hope you find something soon that works for you.

  18. Wish you were out here. I'd have a job for you in a heartbeat. :)

  19. I'm sorry about your job, JJ! Sending LOTS of good thoughts your way that something else cones along soon. And if you're interested in coming east, we are about to hire quite a few new people. :)

  20. standing right next to you watching the leaves fall.....
    and, I really want to try that wine....


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