Friday, November 12, 2010

Double Oh Seven

I don't get to travel all over the world searching for the bad guy.
I don't carry a weapon. (although my mind is pretty freakin' dangerous--muahahah) 
I like my martini with lots of apple and 'tini. No olives.

But there are times in my life where I totally feel like I am Bond........JJ Bond.

You know--the times when you feel the need to be a total bad ass-take charge-butt whoopin'-shatter proof-crime solvin'-powerhouse.

Except my crime solving skills don't revolve around drug-lords: they are spent trying to figure out if the mud stain came from the a) hubby b) toddler c) dog

And my shatter proof resolve comes into play when I find out Oman has been sent to the "principal's" office at preschool for biting. Trying not to take it personally when I talked to the teacher, I wanted to be a diligent parent, while also understanding that he's not even 2 and has a hard time understanding what he did wrong. The hug he gave me when I picked him up was heart-melting.

I'm doing my best to take charge of the whole job search thing. I feel like my brain is in constant motion trying to think outside the box. Sometimes that box seems awfully small...

But Bond wouldn't give up the job hunt or let parenting challenges stop his suave ways....Bond stays bad-ass no matter what the circumstance.

Roger Moore as James Bond

Gonna keep channeling the Bond mentality. Roger Moore was my favorite 007--he was one suave Bond.  Mook laughs at my choice--his favorite is Sean Connery, which seems to be a common favorite.

Who's your favorite Bond?

For today's Virtual Wine Club, raise your glass of Hidalgo Alameda Cream Sherry--one of Bond's choices when he's not drinking a martini.

"Sweet flavors of caramel and crumb create create a seductive contrast"



  1. Uhhhh. That's a no brainer!!! Sean Connery! Duuuhhhh

  2. I really loved Pierce Brosnan as Bond.

  3. I have to go with Sean Connery. His eyebrows mesmerize me!

    I never thought about it before, but being a mom isn't all too different from being a secret agent. Except for we have to be our own side kick,too.

  4. It's funny...when I was a kid, it was Roger Moore. And then as a college student--Sean Connery. And then Timothy Dalton was a fav. And then Pierce Brosnan. Maybe I channel my 007 at different times of my life... :-)

  5. Connery of course!

    I can't even imagine how Oman felt being in the principle's office. Poor little guy. Biting, hitting and throwing seem to be par for the course at that age. Or at least I hope so, b/c there's a lot of it around my house that I'm trying to control.

    FYI, I responded to your sitter question on my blog.

  6. Pierce Brosnan, followed by Sean Connery....I think it's their voices.

    Cannot STAND Daniel Craig as a Bond.

  7. I like Roger Moore the best also...but Sean Connery was awesompe also. :)

  8. keep on channeling, girlfriend! Hopefully our boxes get bigger and all this work WILL pay off.


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