Thursday, November 4, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Do

My little Oman turned 21 months old today--and it's appropriate that we decided to dress him up as a monkey (actually a sock monkey) for Halloween, because he is in the mimic stage. It's so much fun--so rewarding to watch him communicate with us and seeing him learn something new almost every day.

Let it be said that it's also a bit challenging--I of course have to watch what I say and do a bit more and I often wonder if I am doing enough to help him learn and grow. I get sucked into those "Your Baby Can Read!" infomercials and pass a Montessori school on the way out of my neighborhood every day. I don't expect him to be the next Einstein, but I already feel the pressure of making sure I am doing enough as the "elder monkey" to make sure he's getting enough: playtime, learning opportunities, etc.

But I don't need to worry too much--the fact that he knows how to operate my cell phone better than I do means he'll be just fine.

In honor of the last type of wine I drank before starting IVF numero dos, that blessed me with my little monkey, please enjoy a glass of Fetzer Gewurztraminer for today's Virtual Wine Club--a funky name, but oh so refreshing and delish. 

Rich, fruity and clean aromas of orange spice join with
pineapple, baked pears and hints of tell-tale cinnamon.

And how creepy, yet oddly appealing, is this? 
A sock monkey wine bottle cover. Wow.



  1. :O I want one of those sock monkey wine covers! Lol.. and O-man looks so cute!! This mimic / repeat stage is amazing to me.. the boys are picking up on so much too.

  2. Okay...that sock monkey wine cover is going to give me nightmares!

    I love the imitative stage--and yes, it does have drawbacks--Willow says "damn" a lot now...

    I wouldn't worry about the Montessori type question...oftentimes all that money can be spent just taking your kid to the museum or out on daytrips--that is where they actually learn a lot. The other stuff--reading, writing, etc. will come soon enough (and the ones who did not go to those special schools catch up very quickly).

  3. What a sweet little monkey! O-man reminds me so much of Henry sometimes. Henry is completely in love with my iphone too :)

    I worry all the time about doing enough for him. I guess it is just a part of being the mama...

  4. Really? A sock monkey for your wine? Sure.

    2 years is just around the corner eh? How did that happen? Weren't we just pregnant?????

  5. That is one cute sock monkey texting. The wine bottle sock monkey give me nightmares. :-)

  6. He's adorable. fact.

    the sock monkey wine cover is weird! something about it really bothers me

  7. Ok, love the sock monkey wine cover! But those people in the background? The looks on their faces creep. me. out.

    Oman, on the other hand, is just too cute!

  8. I stress myself out sometimes with worry about development. Some lady at church said to me the other day that all I have to do is love her and talk to her like I would any other adult (meaning, intelligently) and that she'll be fine. And she's right.

    But I have definitely cut out the swearing and my number one catch phrase, "Shut up, you stupid dog!"


  9. i totally stress myself out over hte development/learning/school stuff - G is awesome and I knwo she will be fine - but STILL!
    and, that sock monkey wine cover is totally creepy!!


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