Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers: post-turkey

This is my first Friday Night Leftover's post!

  • This week while watching the boob tube, I saw commercials for Mother's Day flowers and SATC 2. Seemed odd to me since I realized it was not May. Duh. I was catching up with shows on my DVR.
  • I misplaced my Netflix DVD. Like, Then I go to get a glass of tea from the fridge, and guess what was in the crisper? Apparently I got mucho distracted when grabbing yogurt earlier that day.
  • I ran/walked in my first 5K on Thanksgiving morning. I've been "training" since August, so I was very proud of myself for a) getting up and doing it, b) running more than half of it and c) not coming in last
  • I'm incredibly thankful for Mook's job-but tonight I wanted to go cry in the corner. It was a tough day. 
  • I did not go shopping for Black Friday deals--but I just ordered a free 8x10 and two 5x7 prints for FREE online. That counts, right? 
  • Why does printer ink dry out so fast?
  • We are getting our tree tomorrow--I love the smell of fresh pine in my house, even though I am allergic to pine. I just deal with the sniffles and sore throat for the next month--its worth it. 
  • My in-laws are coming tomorrow-they just told us this today. 
  • I feel like I have been in the kitchen for 72 hours non-stop. I am thankful I have food in my fridge and pantry that has allowed me to be in my kitchen for 72 hours non-stop.
  • I had a hoooorrriible dream last night that Mook decided to marry a girl named Anne. If your name is Anne, I don't like you so much right now. No offense. 
  • Cranberry sauce is delicious.
  • I put out the first dish of holiday candy--can you guess what it is? 
  • Oman will be 22 months old next week. So far, this is my faaaaavorite age. I know I will keep saying that, but he is so much fun. A lot to handle, but sooo fun.
  • It's time to start planning his 2nd birthday party. Hoollllyyy Schnikeies.
  • I am a left-side sleeper. I hurt my left arm somehow and it makes me sad that I cannot sleep on my left side tonight. 
  • Speaking of sleep--it's time for bed. Night night!
  • You can share your leftovers at Danifred's blog :)
Enjoy a glass of Sutter Home Merlot--a smooth, yummy red! We are almost to the end of our Virtual Wine Club! Don't forget--I'm going to give away a bottle of wine at the end of NaBloPoMo!



  1. We were watching something we'd DVRed the other day and there were commercials for the Olympics!

  2. I ran my 1st 5K too! I actually loved it and can't wait to do it again. I am so sore though so I won't be doing anything for the next few days...

    What's this about a wine giveaway???? Hmmmmm....

  3. I've never put any movies in the fridge (yet), but last week, Matt stored the ice cream on top of the fridge overnight.

  4. What, you don't keep your Netflix in the fridge too?

  5. I hope to run a 5k this year. I'm not a runner AT ALL so that is big for me. Any my #1 goal? Not to come in last!!

    Sorry you had a tough day. I have those, too but in getting through it I keep reminding myself about all of the good days. But still - some days are just ~hard~

  6. I'm so happy you joined FNL this week! I love reading new blogs. Good for you and you're first 5K. I swear, I don't think I could run a 50 yard dash without falling over. I am so out of shape like that.
    My father in law made an awesome cranberry crisp for Thanksgiving and it was too die for (with real cranberries!!!)

  7. Duh... M&M's!!

    Personally I love your kitchen so spending 72 hours in it doesn't sound so bad... well if we were in it together gabbing away for 72 hours then maybe it would seem better.

  8. I'm allergic to pine, too. If you hose it off and then let it sit in your garage (or outside) for a day or two before you bring it in, it won't be so bad. (That's what my parents used to do, until they found out that my brother was also allergic, and then, they just got an artificial tree instead. I miss the smell, but I sooooooo don't miss the watery eyes and sore throat and sneezing and fuzzy-head feeling!)

    Ooh, I made the BEST cake-pie-cobbler-ish thingy for Thanksgiving, a modification of Pioneer Woman's Nantucket Cranberry Pie. I left out the pecans and added orange zest and orange juice to the cranberries, and then baked the whole thing in a casserole instead of a nine-inch cake pan, which made it delightfully cakey. It tasted like cranberry sauce with orange marmalade stirred in with a big gooey cake on top. Oh My YUM.

    Hey, you think if we start planning now, we might both be able to make it to the university's library 5k fundraiser next October???

  9. I get the whole thankful for the job but had a tough day bit.

    I have yet to put a dvd in the fridge. Once a cat got shut in there but that's another story.

    Congrats on the 5k!

  10. I am excited you joined in! It's a nice way to unload all hte random thoughts from the week.

    woot on the 5k - that is totally awesome.
    I was cracking up over the DVR thing - I do that all the time, and am regularly confused on what day it is!
    *hugs* for the frustration.


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