Sunday, November 21, 2010

On the Lawn

Today, Oman and I spent a wonderful day with some family from the left coast. Some of you Virginian's may recognize this photo the quickest--it's on the ground of a certain university. They cheer silly things like Waaaah-Hoooo at football games, and I always cheer for them when they are playing against a certain school that has a turkey as their mascot.

I dressed Oman in preppy clothes--a cardigan sweater and loafers, and maaaaaan did he fit RIGHT in. I was hoping he'd get spotted by some recruiters and they'd offer him a scholarship right on the spot. No such luck.

We all enjoyed the afternoon just watching Oman run around...being with these family members meant a lot--they have been so supportive of us since the very beginning of our journey. Watching my aunt and cousin's playing "1-2-3 Jump" with Oman and hearing my uncle sing "Itsy-Bitsy-Spider" was a memory I'll hold for a long, long time.

Please enjoy a glass of Viognier from Jefferson Vineyards, right down the road for this evening's Virtual Wine Club. I'm toasting the special bond of family.



  1. Sounds like a great day!! Maybe they'll recruit Oman next time?? He has loafers??? Picture? that has to be absolutely adorable on him!

  2. I recognize that photo, and will be cheering with you on Saturday. (What else did you do in the C'ville?)

    It sounds like a fantastic day.

  3. Hokie family here, but you can't beat that other schools beautiful campus! ;)

  4. Such a pretty campus. Half of the kids I went to HS with went there.

  5. And, Rotten, the other half probably had enough sense to go to the Virginia powerhouse!! I won't hold this post against you, JJ and I will be sure to bring my Hello Hokie Bird for O-man to read next time I see you guys!

  6. Sounds like fun! Even if it was C'ville. :-)


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