Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Bumper Sticker

Pulling up behind this car on the way to my appointment today with this sticker was just too ironic. I ended up doing one of those ugly laugh-cry combos that are only meant to be done alone.

Thanks, universe, for knowing I needed this today.


  1. Love the bumper sticker. Hope the appointment brought you some new (good) news. thinking of you.

  2. If you like the bumper sticker, perhaps you'll like the song:

  3. I guess that means they won't give a damn if you ram their that would be a stress reliever. :)

  4. I hope the appt went well. Love you!

  5. Buah ha ha ha. I love when moments like that happen.

  6. That is too much! There is a country song by that name...

    "Well, I really wanna care.
    I wanna feel somethin'.
    Let me dig a little deeper:
    No, Man sorry.
    Just nothin', you know.
    You've really done it this time, ha, ha.
    My give-a-damn's busted."

    kind of the story of my life!

  7. Indeedy.

    My version usually includes the S word.


  8. I just love Calliope and since she wants her readers to send you jokes, her wish, as they say, is my command.
    So here goes.
    A Sunday school teacher asked her class of four year olds where they thought jesus lived.
    A little girl replied, "In heaven.""
    "Very good," said the teacher. "Does anyone else have an idea where Jesus lives?"
    "Jesus lives in our hearts," said a boy named Steve.
    "Excellent" the teacher said. "Yes, Jesus lives in all our hearts."
    Another little boy was frantically waving his hand in the air.
    "Yes Tyler? Do you want to add something?" The teacher asked, smiling brightly.
    "Jesus lives in my bathroom," Tyler proclaimed confidently.
    The class broke into laughter and the teacher looked bewildered.
    "Whatever do you mean?" she asked.
    Tyler replied, "Every morning, my dad pounds on the bathroom door and yells, "Jesus! Are you still in there?"

  9. Awesome bumper sticker! Glad it was just what you needed, just when you needed it!

  10. Thinking about you. I hope you got my card. lyla decorated with some cool stickers just for you! She doesn't sahre her ponny stickers with many ;)

  11. That's awesome! :) I love moments like that when we are alone and connect with something that gives us permission to let it all out. Very cathartic. (((HUGS)))

    P.S. I know this post was a few weeks ago, but I am catching up... Hope you are hanging in there. :)


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