Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I haven't turned into an overzealous texting-speak-teenager. There is just simply no other way to look at life lately without adding humor in the mix.

But Im seriously over living in "what could possibly happen next?!" mode--so I'm doing my best to just live in a 24-hour period and not get upset about the past few months or worry about the next few.

Im happy to say that my PET scan came back with no other sign of the BIG C anywhere else in my body. *thank goodness* My inguinal lymph nodes are still getting a photo-therapy treatment every other week--with the possibility that today's treatment could be the last one. Fingers and toes crossed. Next up, I'll be back in my OB's office to discuss thyroid meds and hopefully get this entire thing wrapped up in a neat little box with a bow on top.

I'll also be racking up a nice dental bill this year due to an emergency root canal I had to have 2 weeks ago--and Im still waiting to get a crown put on. Its quite difficult to really restrict chewing food to one side of your mouth. As good a time as any for a liquid diet.

So next up for the Jeans household is an endoscopy for Mook on Thursday--that awful cough he's had since his bout with the flu and mold exposure in January just hasn't gone away. Hes had such a tough time with heartburn, too--so after meeting with yet another specialist 2 weeks ago, we will take this next step hoping for some answers.

O-man continues to be the sunshine in all of the crazy--I love this age. I want to stop time and keep these moments on constant re-play. Maybe not the tantrums, though....

Thanks for holding on through the DRAMAZ the past few months--and good grief, I hope to enter the NO drama zone SOON!

P.S. To keep my mind occupied through the dramaz, I've been reading The Hunger Game series--anyone else as into it as me? I'm done with 1 & 2 and waiting to get my hands on the 3rd...


  1. I'm crossing my fingers tight for an quick exit from The Drama Zone. *hugs*

    My wife loved the first two books, and then wanted the throw the third one out the window, on fire. Or something like that. Just to be forewarned. ;-)

  2. I think you've used up your drama quotient for the year. :)

  3. Hoping everything settles into calmer times.

    My dh devoured the first book, it's on my kin.dle waiting for me. I figured I shouldn't start reading it in the middle of the night or i'd get less sleep. :) i'm sure i'll be into it though :)

  4. first - YEEESSSS!! to being C-free.
    second - omgouwwee to the root canal. I hope you get your crown soon. or you know, that the liquid diet works for you ;)
    third - praying for answers for Mook as well, how miserable.
    fourth - this age IS really great, couldn't agree more there.
    fifth - the jeans household has officially reached their yearly drama limit - i declare the next 7 months to be dramaz free :)

  5. Dancing around from the good news and sending good thoughts that more comes your way in the next few weeks.

    Hunger Games is next on my reading list. It's by the bed. I'll write you after I read so we can discuss.

  6. Okay, I want nothing but BORING stuff for the next few months! :-)


  7. Great news about the PET scan results and finger crossed you will be done with the photo-therapy soon!

  8. I LOVED those books...BigP enjoyed them too.

    Got everything crossed over here too!!

    I agree, liquid diet...milkshakes it is.

  9. So so happy that the Big C hasn't moved anywhere else. Fingers crossed for Mooks next tests and hoping they find answers.

    I LOVED the Hunger Games series! Can't wait to hear what you think of how it all wraps up.


  10. No more drama allowed.

    LOVED the Hunger Games series and I hope and pray they don't ruin the movie version.

    If you need another book to read, check out The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon. It officially comes out on the 4th and it is AMAZING!

  11. So glad you got good news from the PET scan. I hope your household is health-drama free very soon. Hang in there!

  12. Girl, you've had enough dramaz in one year (or four months) to last a lifetime!

    Hope Mook feels better soon!

  13. So glad everything turned out good for you. I pray that the rest of the family will also have a good bill of health!

    I LOVE the Hun.ger games!! Let me know what you think of the third book. Lots of mixed reviews on that one. Can't wait for the movie.

  14. Your drama tank has run empty for the next several years, I hope. So glad that things are on the up and up.

    I have to have a root canal at some point this summer, too. I am soooo not looking forward to it. I hate the dentist almost more than I hate...well...I hate the dentist more than almost anything.

    I devoured the Hunger Games trilogy in a week about a month ago. Do you know they're going to film them and are already in production of the first one?

    I personally was a little let down by the third. It was still a good read, though. I won't give my specific opinions on it yet so as not to taint your reading experience. I'll be interested to hear what you think of it when you're done, though!

  15. SO glad your PET came back good!!

    Endoscopy--everyone's doing it! Hopefully they can find a reason for Mook's problems so that they can get him fixed up ASAP!

  16. 2011 has proved to be a year full of drama. I'm over it.

    Next time I tip a glass of wine it will be in your honor. Cheers, darling.

  17. You've had your share for the year, that's for sure.

    Be well, will be sending you lots of good mojo.

  18. Fantastic news on the clean PET scan! Here's hoping everything else gets resolved quickly and easily so you can get back to focusing on O-man!

  19. That is more than enough! Glad to hear your PET scan was clear, and that your treatment may be over.

    Hope Mook's test shows nothing and his cough goes away on its own.

    I've got The Hunger Game on my list...maybe it will be next.

  20. Hi JJ! I'm really glad to hear your PET scan was clear. I can't imagine all the anxiety you've been through lately. You have most definitely had all the drama you need for a long, long time.

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog recently, too. Embarking on TTC #2, I feel a renewed need to keep up with those who get what it's like to have that not come easy. I'll be eager to hear more about your own journey, should you try again. For now, I'm just really happy to hear that the big C is not making an inroads.

  21. Glad to know it's lookin up for you. Think about you often


    Isn't there a rap song about that or something?

  23. Here's to no more dramaz.


  24. So glad to hear the good news and I hope everything else crazy in your life settles down very soon.

    I've got the first Hunger Games book on hold at the library ready to pick up today per your suggestion!

  25. Oh thank goodness.....I swear I think of you so much during the day you should really tell me to "get off your couch"


    No more DRAMA!!!!!!!

    I haven't read those books, let me know if you like that. :)

  26. I'm glad your pet scan came back clear!

    Through it all, I agree, the only way to survive is keep some humor.


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