Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh the trickery....

Lovely to see you all offering support to the Preacher O cause! Maybe, just maybe, I'll get a response. And I encourage you all to submit letters too! The more the merrier=)

So the 2nd part to my "Pay it For.ward" duties: I am on the quest to start a RESO.LVE support group in my area-one does not exist, let alone ANY support group. I live in a pretty big area, and while the eastern part of my state has done its job, there is nada over here. So I am going to change that. I have already spoken to a representative, and have all the info I need to start the quest. I'll be working on that a bit this weekend...wish more of you lived near by!

Speaking of near by, I am so very excited to be meeting up with Samantha from Southern Infertility this weekend! We dont live far enough away for it to be burden on the gas-money, so we are going to have coffee Sunday-I can't wait!

And can I just take a second to say: how come I don't have the luck of THIS woman....

So what is the trickery, you ask? Well I will tell you. But very quietly--because someone might be listening (that someone is my least-favorite aunt).

She's not here...and it's the longest cycle yet. BUT, please talk me down (there is a 2% chance it happened this month ladies and gents) and tell me that after an IVF cycle, your body can be a little screwy, right? Anyone else experience this? And no I will not be POAS...I can't take that heartbreak. (edited in for Jenna: zilch on the symptoms-other than I think I just O'ed really late this cycle...had strong cramps on CD 24, and then it's been EWCM since then. Knockers aren't sore. Only sign is that AF isn't here...)

Ok, that's out of my system....I have NOT been good to my body this past month--but heck, I wanted to indulge a little: wine, coffee, wine, some chocolate, did I mention wine? Working long-ass days...I mean really stressful long days. So that has to add to my body being off a bit...

I love me some long weekends...and I tend to enjoy them to the fullest! I start my first Happy Challenge tomorrow--good to start these things on a weekend=)

P.S. Check out our "One step at a time" list. You will see our contemplating has brought us to a decision (for now)


  1. SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP!!! I just choked on my Pepsi. Sorry, I can't talk you down because I'm up way too high on the possibility. ok... ok.. I won't say POAS, because I'm a cynic if there ever was one, but maybe, just maybe you could share any 'feelings' you might be having? anything?

  2. Great that you are starting a support group! Be prepared for not much interest. It has been my experience and that of my clinic's, BUT we are now 3 people strong and who cares as long as you have a good time together?

    I hope it isn't just a screwy cycle. I always temp around ovulation for the first couple of cycles after IVF so I don't get my hopes up. Normally I would ovulate like clockwork either on day 13 or 14, but after an IVF cycle it has varied between day 12 and day 17. Of course, my chances are slim to none with out IVF, but stranger things have happened.

  3. Wow - how long is "longest"? I would so want to POAS. I'll keep my hopes up for ya!

    Awesome about you paying it forward. Good luck with the Resolve group!


  4. Waiting with you on pins and needles to find out what's going on with your cycle!

  5. Awesome news with the starts of a group, meeting an RL Infertile and no sign of that unpleasesnt pesky aunt. Glag you and mook made a plan - it ususally feels better after a plan has been made

  6. I am just going to say that I hope that you are currently defying the odds, and that you have achieved independent success (trying to be as cryptic as possible).

  7. Shriek! You are killing me with the refusal to POAS. Picture me running around my office, gesticulating wildly at no one in particular, looking like a raving loon.

    I'm a pee stick junkie, so I would have burned through a value pak already. Do it! Do it!

    Okay, now that I have *that* out of my system... Glad to see you guys have made a decision. Time off will be lovely and I pray to all my lucky stars that you are one of the amazing ones who gets knocked up on an off cycle. Good luck!

    Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

  8. How long has this cycle been. You cannot do this to us. You can't be so cryptic. I need actual facts.

    I so hope you defied the odds. If someone can have 2 sets of natural triplets, then your 2% chance is so entirely possible.

  9. Ummmm. I totally get you not POAS yet (I've heard rumors of such discipline although have never managed to scrounge it up myself). But as long as AF hasn't reared her ugly head, I am secretly harboring hope for you.

  10. I'm with you on not POAS. Why give in to that just to see what you don't want to see? Isn't it nicer not to know for awhile more? However, I'm hoping that your 2% odds did their magic and showed all those docs and needles that DIY does work:-)

  11. That's great about the support group. I went to one about an hour from my house before and it was wonderful. Timing hasn't allowed me to go back but I'm hoping this month I can.

    Good luck with your 1st day of your challenge, too.

    (And hoping, hoping, hoping for magic this cycle! Keep us posted).

  12. that's so cool that you and Sam are meeting up. give each other a big squeeze for me, okay?
    also very cool that you're working on starting up a support group. i think that's fantastic. there isn't one in my part of the world either.
    also? longest cycle yet? just how long? i'm really hoping that you've beat the odds. . .

  13. You really want triplets twice over? twins I could go for, but three crying bubbas teething at the same time, ohh la la!

    The support group sounds just up your street it'll be a huge success, i'm sure :). And plans are good, very good :) Let us know if you cave in and pee on a stick!

  14. I can only tell you that after my failed IVF cycle my body was so messed up. AF was 3 - 4 days late on that first cycle after. And I dared to hold out some hope and that made it hurt even worse. How cruel can the universe be?!

    I really, truly hope that it is different for you.


  15. I hate to be a downer, but I know folks who have had a screwy cycle post-IVF, but on the other hand... I would totally be POAS, but I have no patience!

    See you tomorrow!

  16. JJ, you are such a go getter! That is just so very awesome :)

  17. Ooooooh - Trickery afoot! I'm LOVING it. Sending you much .... positive vibes from Down Under.

    And your Aug - Dec decision is wonderful. Good for you to take the steering wheel again.


  18. Freebies happen every day....why not for you?

  19. JJ, I had the same problem with the trickery, my first cycle post IVF was 39 days, this last one was 33 days, I'm hoping that the next one is a normal 26 days! Of-course I am hoping that you are not like me and that there's a little surprise waiting in the wings and not AF..

    Hang in there sweetie!

  20. I'm holding out hope for you. Here's to the most expensive natural conception possible :-) What's the next step? How long will you wait until you pee/get blood work drawn? What about the idea of sooner rather than later just to check progesterone levels if you're not on suppositories?

    I love my Resolve group. I'm a member up here, so let me know if you ever need anything since our chapter isn't that far away.

  21. would be so great for this to be...(whispering) the real thing.

    I am hoping for you.

  22. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! I agree with wanting more bloggers to live closer. It seems everyone lives in the Northeast. What about us Southeastern people? :)

  23. First of all, that's AWESOME that you're starting a resolve group.

    And, second, you may know one way or another by now, but here's hoping for an urban legend surprise bfp!

    i'm thinking of you!!


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