Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rockin' and Rollin'

Many thanks to Caro for giving me a rock-n-roll shout out for being a Rockin' Blogger! Be sure to head over to offer her a congrats and support as she has recently gotten a BFP and waits in limbo for more concrete answers...

So now the hard part. I have to pick just 5 of you to rock this bling on your blog--but I have faith that this will get around to all of the awesome blogger girls through the connections we all have.

My girl Leah (Tales from My Dusty Ovaries)--she is fairly new to this thing called blogging, but you would never know it...she has been an awesome addition to my support group, and I appreciate her wisdom and calming words she always has for others.

Ms. Sticky Bun -she's so connected. That is the best word for her-she is concerned for all her cysters and really shows compassion in her posts and comments. She has recently been blessed with a BFP (twins!) and she continues to be compassionate to those waiting for a BFP.

LJ (Looking for Two Lines)-what a powerhouse! She organizes blogger get-togethers, worked with a world's worse boss (she should have won!) puts in time at work and home-and still manages to post thought-provoking ideas and feelings. I would be pulling my hair out...she's great!

My Reality-she's my buddy=) She's been so willing to help me organize Picture Pages (coming back soon!), has been such a support to MANY bloggers, is so honest in her posts, and continues to push ahead with her quest for a baby--she's got positive determination, and I admire that!

Lastly (and not least) Kristen at Sticky Bean. I am fairly new to her blog, but I already feel so pulled in by her honest posts and the connection I feel. She has been through the ringer, and I am inspired by her courage and willingness to move forward!

Truly, I am inspired by each blog that I read--I could not imagine going through all this without each of you! So to these 5 ladies, a BIG hug for the inspiration you give me--now go nominate your 5!


  1. Ahhhh, thanks so much for you kind words, JJ! I would nominate you since you have been so good at getting community activities and making the world seem a little smaller. You most definitely deserve your nomination!

  2. I am just glad that you laughed at my post ;)

    You do rock by the way :)

  3. Can I just comment on the Alicia Silverstone pic with the accompanied "I Failed ..."

    Now THAT is rockin'.


  4. Thanks for stopping by and showing support. Wishing you the best!

  5. congrats on the well-deserved nomination

  6. you def deserve it. you've done so much for this community, you totally rock!

  7. Good stuff and well deserved ;-) Thanks for all you do to support this community!

  8. Aww. That's so sweet!

    I hardly ever think of myself in those terms. You gals are the ones who keep me sane!

  9. Thank you so much for the nomination! It means so much to me coming from someone I really look up to. I don't even consider myself in the same league as you!

    Thanks again for the recognition and support. You are such a doll.



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