Friday, April 9, 2010

Photo Friday: Bowl me Over

Ohh how I love a photo challenge! If you have been around my neck of the woods for awhile, you may remember the attempt to bring Picture Pages back to life (and it was fun while it lasted!).

So I was thrilled to see that super-duper Calli is doing a Photo Friday. I have always loved taking pictures--and have dreams of getting a high tech mega camera one day, but for now, I'm making the best out of what I've got--and hey, its more about actually capturing the memory, right?

This week's challenge was: Bowls and Doorknobs. And it's up to you, as the photographer, to post your interpretation of those items.

My salad bowl from a dinner out with Mook

My doorknob from our hotel room

I've been spending the past few days with Mook on one of his business trips--we figured out a few weeks ago that I have only seen him about 30 days this year. That's just tough. So my in laws are hanging out with the O-man for a few days, and my other main man and I are doing a mini tour of the northeast.

Be sure to visit Calli @ Creating Motherhood to see the other Photo Friday submissions--they are so awesome to look at!


  1. awesome, I love the photos, but I love that you are getting some time with MOOK even more!


  2. You have a great eye for photography!

    Pass on my congrats to Mook on his team winning, even though I am not pleased about it one bit!

  3. Love the bowl pic!

    I hope you and Mook have a great time catching up with each other in the northeast!

  4. OMG, I am now addicted to that app! So glad you are getting to spend time with Mook. I totally need that too. Enjoy yourselves!!

  5. Great pics! Hope you and Mook enjoy some much deserved QT time together!

  6. Great shots!! Love the feel of them!

  7. I love that top picture...very cool!

  8. I'm so happy that you two are getting to spend a few days alone together! That time is so important. Enjoy!

  9. Enjoy your travels, and all that quality time!

  10. Your photos are awesome! I am going to take mine now. I know about not seeing your husband, not personally, LOL, as Super S and I are ALWAYS together. My best friend in the US her husband travels internationally almost the entire year spending maybe 2 months at home, I told her I could never do it. So good for your time spent together enjoy it girl.

  11. Great shots!

    Hope you are enjoying your time with Mook.


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