Friday, April 16, 2010

Photo Friday: It's Electric!

Stupid hormones.

AF started today, so I'm freakin' crying as I post my pictures for this week's Photo Friday challenge, because my camera was stolen this week. I was flying back from the City of Brotherly Love (hah!) and was asked to gate check my bag...and that's the last time I saw my camera. I could care less about the actual camera, but that tiny blue memory stick...I want it back!

Thank GOODNESS I still have a camera on my phone so I can still snap some pictures!

This week's challenge: Cooking Oil and Electric Light Source

I was making pasta this week and had to quickly set the oil down on the closest surface (my windowsill) since O-man decided to get stuck under the kitchen table.
A well-placed "accident" for a picture!

The plug for my coffee pot. Uber-important, no?

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  1. I love these assignments, I love seeing how you interpret them.

    The pic of the cooking oil is awesome :)

    I'm sorry about the camera, I would have been sad whole life is on our camera. At least the parts I need help remebering

  2. I'm so sorry about your camera. I left ours on the plane on the way to vacation two weeks ago. No camera for our first family vacation. I filed a report with Delta, but I'd be very surprised if I see it again. I'm still mourning. It still hasn't been replaced. I'm not a good camera shopper.

  3. I love your oil pic...and the missing camera is a major bummer.

  4. Oh, how awful about your camera. that sucks. But your pictures here are great!

  5. WOW- loooove the first shot. Like if I was in a band I might just use that for my album cover.

    Ages ago I lived in London for a summer and I purchased an awesome used camera there. And I probably had about 30+ rolls of film to process once I got back to America. The day I got back I tossed my camera bag in the backseat and went to take my Mom out to dinner. While we were eating someone broke into my car and stole my radio, ALL of my cd's and the camera bag- with my entire summer on it. And a pretty huge summer. I still get ill thinking about it. So I so feel you on this loss and I am very sorry.

  6. Hi, just want to let you know that I changes my blog address so some people can't find me. I had some uninvited guests and I don't wanna go password protected yet. The blog is the same just update your link to

  7. Love the oil shot.

    You may not have the pictures, but nothing can steal the memories.

  8. I am so sorry!! I know the importance of a memory stick.

    Very cool pics, though. You are very resourceful!

  9. You lost your camera after gate checking your luggage?? That sucks. Did you complain to the airlines? That sucks. Majorly.

  10. Your oil picture looks as if the entire shot (bottle plus background) was made of fine, fine crystal!

    Your coffee plug shot is yummy and is majorly mysterious and gorgeously colored.

    You are a wow with any camera you pick up. So sorry about the loss of your fine camera. KNOW how significant that is.


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