Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My "Ras" Hurts...

And by "Ras" I mean my Re.ticular Activa.ting System. Have you ever noticed when you are thinking about buying a new car (let's say a VW Bug for example) that you begin to see VW Bugs everywhere!? Well, since Saturday-I have been seeing a lot of things with 2 lines...those 2 lines that I envision seeing next week! This morning's "sighting" was when I was driving to work and looked up to see 2 airplane streaks right next to each other--big thick lines--and the moon was right above it. And on Friday night, when I was outside playing with our dog--I looked up as I was walking inside, and the moon was behind some clouds that formed a cross...very cool!

So here I am. 3dpiui--no symptoms--isn't it funny how we all want to be barfing and bloated. Yes, I know it's early to see any symptoms--I just want them! I do have to say (and this might be too much information...but I want to share in case I am not the only one) that I have had major constipation pains since Sunday afternoon--I mean bad enough I had to stay home from work yesterday! It is still lingering a bit...we called the on-call doc on Sunday night--the Doc that did the IUI was pretty certain it was not a side effect, so that made me feel better--but I swear I didn't eat anything strange or out of the ordinary this weekend. Who knows...

Saturday was a beautiful day here in the south...woke up feeling good and we were at the hospital in plenty of time. Again, I am so thankful our first experience fell on a Saturday-no rushed feelings, and Mook and I were together through the whole thing. But poor Mook. Talk about having to "perform" on the spot...I know the pressure that he was feeling was big. He admitted to being nervous-so was I! But he was a trooper--he gave it his best "shot" (ha-no pun intended)

But woah, there were a LOT of babies being born on Saturday! The maternity ward (where we were to report) was hoppin'! I was most anxious about getting Mook's sample to the lab in time--no dilly dallying! The check in nurse was very nice, and the lab technician came pretty quick and took the boys back to the lab--she explained it would take about an hour, and that we could go shopping and come back. Umm, I was not in the mood to shop. I just wanted to plant my rear on the seat and wait to be called back! I had all kinds of thoughts going through my mind as we waited--do you all ever think about how the lab technicians are feeling when they do these procedures? Are they having an off day? What if they do something wrong? I just wanted to beg on my hands and knees as the lab lady took the boys back..."pllllleasssse make them swwwwimmmmm and make sure there are lotssssss of theeeeeemmmm!"

We headed back to the room about 11:15...the nurse and doc on call were so nice--the nurse joked with us saying "I have 4 kids at home--are you sure you know what you are getting into?" Maybe on another day I would have been upset or offended, but she made us smile...we DO know what we are getting into!=) Mook sat right beside me and squeezed my hand...Dr. L said Mook's boys had "very good motility" (YES!) but we were still looking at a reduced count-(about 8mil) But hey, 8 is my lucky number. I don't want to focus on the "numbers" too much-simply b/c I know that Mook was under a lot of pressure, and we will just hope that pack of good swimmers made a great attempt!

Dr. L said my cervix was in great position--yay cervix! Hopefully my "home" monitoring did the trick with just using the OP.K's--if we do this again (Im thinking positive!) I will ask about monitoring. So then the nurse and doc left us to whisper sweet nothings into each other's ears and have some peace and quiet--and as soon as the door closed, I started weeping--happy tears. Just so glad to be at this point. For a chance. For the fact that I have a wonderful husband who is with me every step of the way. After our 30 minutes was up, we headed out to get some lunch and ice cream as a treat!

So I enter the race...the 2 week drag. It will be long, it will be hard, but we will just take it as it comes--I am nervous that due to my untimely "gas bubble" that I have been pushing on my lower extremities too hard--I have this fear that I have somehow damaged the chances...but our organs are strong right? Right?!

Thanks for ALL the positive vibes and thoughts--I can feel them all! Tick tock....tick tock....


  1. Sorry to hear about your digestive problems, but congratulations on the IUI.

    I hope for nothing but the best for you guys!

  2. Crossing everything I've got for you!

  3. Wishing you all the best!!! You reminded me of my first IUI...we went out for Chinese food to celebrate. I, like you, was just so thankful to have finally reached that point after going through all my surgeries.
    By the way...I have a co-worker that had her IUI done on March 9th and took 4 pregnancy tests since last night...ALL positive!!! So I'll pray the same for you guys!!
    Take it easy :)

  4. It sounds like it went well! I have everything crossed too.

    It is funny how we're wishing to vomit!

  5. good luck!! swim boys, swim!!

  6. It's amazing what our lower extremities can handle - Sorry you are experiencing this - good luck in the 2ww - that's awesome that it has made you aware of the two lines everywhere -

  7. I have all my extremities in a crossed position for you!

  8. Maybe you got a little more tense about the procedure than you realized and it all went to your digestive system :)

    I hope there will be no next-times for you.

  9. Fingers crossed for you for a successful IUI!!! I am counting down the days of the 2ww and trying not to POAS or get too anxious before my beta...

  10. Hooray on the first IUI, its so exciting! Hope this is all you need. x

  11. Good luck! I hope you get the elusive two lines at the end of the 2ww!

    On a side note--I can't believe you have to go to the maternity ward for the IUI. That just seems downright mean.

  12. Welcome to the two week wait!
    Make yourself comfortable. Try to relax. Distract yourself. Do something fun. Start chilling those bottles of red wine for possible comsumption after the wait. And plan your consolation prize.
    But I'm hoping you wouldn't have to drink the red wine, and for you to hit the jackpot!
    I'm right here with you.

  13. Ummm... I agree with Sticky Bun - that seems cruel to make you report to the maternity ward for your procedure.

    Ok, wishing you alllllll the bestest of luck!

  14. I also seem to have problems with my tummy in the 2ww, might have something to do with stress?? Good luck with this one, I hope all those lines you seeing are a good sign!!

  15. I found that with all 3 of my IUI's, I experienced stomach ache and bloating. My DH was incredulous, as the ute and the stomach are not in any way connected!
    Holding thumbs for you and praying that your 2ww is filled with real PG symptoms.

  16. Just wanted to wish you good luck again, the tww sucks!

  17. Hoping you see the "two lines" where you want to most!

  18. Good luck girlie, and I would LOVE to be bloated and barfing.. well, only if I was pregnant! :)

    Good Luck.


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