Thursday, March 8, 2007


Or at least that's what we can hope for! Whenever I hear the word "goal" the word "touchdown" filters through my mind. One of those strange brain associations! And I'm not that big of a football fan...

So yes, we have a goal to look forward to after yesterday's consult with Dr. D. Mook did his best to get to the appointment-but was not able to get there due to work and I-40 traffic. No biggie--thank goodness Dr. D didn't throw any curve balls, and the appointment pretty much went as I had expected: Here are your options, what would you like to do, and let's go for it! So I was able to meet Mook for coffee afterwards and give him the scoop.

We have decided to go forward with IUI number 1! No extra hormones or medicines involved this round. Dr D feels that my workup shows that I don't need any further tests right now, and after one last talk with Mook's urologist, he doesn't feel the benefits of putting him on Clomid will do us a lot of good right now--and Dr. D agrees. So non-medicated we shall go! If all goes as planned with my cycle, we are looking at the end of this month.

We are both fully on board with this decision. We know it is by no means a guarantee. We are still looking at only a 30% chance, but we will take it! We feel it will give us a good introduction to the procedures we may have to go through in the future. It's only going to disrupt our lives one day out of the month, which is good for both our work schedules. The downside continues to be that our insurance does not cover jack-squat. But we are going to make it work somehow-we just have to sit down with our budget and re-adjust.

Some other things we are considering: having Mook take Py.cnoge.nol and I talked to an acupuncture clinic today that one of my friends has gone to for her heart issues. The office staff that I talked to were so nice, and the doctor called me back within minutes to answer any questions. Have any of you all done this/considered it/researched it? I am reading as much as I can from what the doctor recommended, but I wonder if any of you have had personal experience. When I first called Mook to ask him if he would be OK with it, I wish I could have seen his face when he asked me "Umm, where the heck will he be putting those needles?!" I quickly assured him it was NOT going to be where he thought. The clinic is open on Saturday's too which would help us out a lot! It would be great to get the count up even a little for the first IUI!

So that's where we are...we hang onto hope-we don't want to loose sight of what is meant to be for us will happen. The control issue for both of us is challenging-wanting to have more of a guarantee. We continue to have an open communication about everything, and our families are up to date as well--we encourage them not to walk on egg shells around us. We want to enjoy the life we live every day, and not look back 5 years from now and have no memory of what we enjoyed or did for fun. Fun can still exist in the challenge to overcome infertility! I hope I don't come across as naive or in denial--because I know very well that this road could be covered with disappointment and heart break. But I won't give into that yet...we still see the light at the end.

Wishing each of you a happy thought for today...since there has been a lot of talk about "life before infertility" I hope for all of us that we can co-exist with the person we are now with the knowledge we have all learned (we could all be doctors!!!) and the person we were before. We are a community of survivors, and our lives are forever changed by our experiences...

P.S. Still holding onto that glimmer of "Vegas" hope....*EDIT* Looks like I jinxed myself-haha! AF has arrived.


  1. I just love reading your blog - i always "walk away" inspired!! What a coincidence, Our insurance covers jack- squat also ;) I have a daily struggle to stay out of the fertile myrtle hate club daily - and your SO right - there is life for the Infertiles - just like there is Life for the Singles - I am glad that we can all co- exist! Good Luck on your re budgeting and deciding. Farah

  2. Quote:"Fun can still exist in the challenge to overcome infertility!"

    I completely agree even though sometimes it's a stuggle. Very inspiring post!

  3. I think its great you keep a positive attitude about IF. It's something I need to remind myself to do, and you blog helps me do it. If the Vegas luck doesn't hold, I hope this first IUI will work!

    P.S. Sorry about that I-40 traffic. I sure as hell don't miss driving in that at rush hour!

  4. nothing naive about trying to keep some balance with the rest of your life, that's just healthy, and the only way to get through it all.

    good luck with this IUI!

  5. You have such a positive outlook on all this - good for you! I'll be stopping by often for a big old dose of optimism. And good luck with IUI#1!

  6. You sound really positive, it always helps :) Good luck with the IUI!

  7. Sorry about AF, but yay on deciding to start with IUI #1. I hope it does the trick! Keep up the hope.

  8. Here is the appletini--very heavy on the tini part. I think this deserves a toast--to your first IUI cycle. May it be exactly what your body needs to conceive. I'm glad you're not giving into the dark side. Keep living--infertility is one part of the whole. I think your attitude is one many people strive to obtain.

  9. I love this: "Fun can still exist in the challenge to overcome infertility!" LOVE this attitude - you go with it girl!!!!


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