Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Would you like "chi" with that?

C.h.i: the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things; in traditional Chinese medicine the balance of negative and positive forms in the body is believed to be essential for good health.

Monday night, Mook and I met with Dr. T, a natur.opa.thic health practitioner--we had a recommendation from one of my co-workers, so we were less wary that we were going to get a dose of voo-do meds!

Highlights from the appointment:

Dr T spent an hour and a half with us going over our health history, what our challenges were, and what our goals are. Mook and I both felt more like a "person" than a "patient."

Dr T was very willing to listen to our concerns regarding Mook's first "romance in a cup" versus the 2nd. We told him about the medicine that he had been on to treat his hea.rt-burn, and that our doctor's told us that there was no correlation between the fact that his count was 5 million the 1st analysis when he was on the medicine and 24 million the 2nd when he was off the made us feel good that we weren't suspicious for the wrong reasons! He said that there was "absolutely" a correlation--all medicines react with our natural body hormones and functions.

To Mook's delight, he does not have to do acup.uncture right now--Dr T feels that he is a great candidate for vitamin therapy to help him boost his numbers. He went over study after study that linked the vitamins he prescribed with successful boosts in sperm count! We got to go home with lots of reading material on these studies, as well as the information on each supplement.

Overall, we were very pleased with the appointment--another step in the right direction. We know each thing we try/do/research isn't the answer, but it will be a combination of things. It would be great if we had walked out with a 100% guarantee that this will do the trick, but hey-at least Mook and I have a better idea of what to eat/do to keep our bodies healthy!

I have rescheduled Mook's 3rd "romance in a cup" for early May, so we can get a better indication if these supplements are helping! So now we both have a big pill sorter to make our lives easier-cause let me tell you, I'm pretty sure we could circle the globe a few times, and still have some left over....

A special thanks to The Town Criers and Cyclesistas for sharing our blog with the community-hope to see some new "faces" =) Have a good one!


  1. I'm convinced that the answer is all in "a combination of things", as you said. Some people can get pregnant no matter what their body condition - crack cocaine, alcohol, etc. (Although I think they get pregnant in spite of those things - think how much fertile they would be if they DIDN'T pump their bodies full of poison!). Some people (like us) need to be fine tuned with a combination of vitamins, exercise, medical treatments, etc. to get what comes so easily to other people. Makes me mad sometimes, but I'm trying to accept it.

    Good luck!

  2. What a great picture! I'm glad you've found such an attentive doctor.

  3. I agree with adrienne - I believe that there's something to doing everything you can in order to achieve a certain outcome. And I still can't believe that a doctor told you there was no correlation to Mook's medication and numbers. J's counts wax and wane with the moon, it seems -EVERYTHING has an effect on those boys!

    Good luck. I really hope this is another piece of the puzzle that will make everything fall into place for you!

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog! :-) And, best of luck on your IUI this month...I hope March is lucky for us all! :-)

  5. Right now I'm just happy to be able to take a step! I need to know I'm doing something. I'd like to try accupunc.ture once I find a good therapist. Good luck on this cycle!

  6. Every little thing helps! I was toying with the idea of accupuncture and reflexology if my 3rd IUI is a bust.
    Let us know how the treatment goes (I'm sure you will!)

  7. My H.s waxes and wanes for no particular reason too, as Serenity says, we still haven't figured out the reasons yet and neither have the "specialists".

    Out of interest would you mind letting me know which vitamins/minerals you came up with and their quantities too. Thanks :)

  8. So glad the appointment went well, my first acupuncture appt. was also the first time I ever felt like a human instead of just a file. The western medicine doctors could sure learn a bit from them regarding that!

  9. I'm glad you are doing some natural things and that you are working hard on keeping your life in balance. I think I've gotten "hooked" on your story because you walk well that beautiful line of positive attitude and being very real.

    It took us over a year to conceive and I've had a miscarriage, etc.. - but we never did the doctor thing. I don't understand all the initials - any chance you can quickly tell me a website I can go to reference what these procedures, tests, etc. are? :)

  10. I finally found a good page -

    So, never mind! :)


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