Friday, June 26, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

Today, I have the great honor to be writing a guest post for the lovely, Lavender Luz on her blog, Weebles Wobblog .

When she extended the opportunity to write on her inspiring blog, I jumped at the opportunity--and knew it was the perfect time to bring some feelings to the surface that have been boiling for a while.

I'd love it if you did a hop-skip-and-a-jump over to read all about: Sibling Rivalry.


  1. I think about adoption all the time! While I have not gone down the same road as you, I can relate to not knowing what to do when it comes to that decision. I have one MC under my belt, a difficult pregnancy whose issues will rear their ugly heads again with the next pregnancy, and the big 4-0 right around the corner. I figured when I was younger, it would be a no brainer to just get pregnant again right after the first. Now that I am much older and in that position, I am wondering more and more about what to do. I think for now, we just enjoy our little one's and just nod and smile when people ask that "sibling" question.

  2. So glad to have you, JJ. You make my space beautiful!

  3. Well, I will have to go read that now!

  4. What a beautiful post JJ. I so get the not wanting to do more treatments thing. I feel that way already and I don't have a little one taking all my spare time! I think that doing fresh IVF's are hard on all of us but I can't imagine doing it with a baby at home which means you never get to rest and it's go go go without a moment to touch ground and figure out how those damn hormones are making you feel!!

    I also think that it differs from person to person. I think that maybe if you fell pregnant on IVF #1 you might feel differently about the whole thing but those of us who know that IVF just gets harder the more times you do it will be less eager to.

    If you'd asked me 3 years ago how many children I wanted I would've told you that I wanted two, no question and that if I only had one the first time I'd do IVF again to get the next one but that has changed....sometimes we can be happy with just one little miracle!!

    Hugs to you always xxx


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