Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tweety Delivery!

  • Happy Father's Day to Mook-the Oman and I love you very much!
  • Back on the road today. Home again, home again jiggity-jig...
  • Convo topic on the car ride home: investing for Oman's future. Anyone have suggestions/ideas to share?
  • Another pit stop at the in laws and I just saw the Harry Potter trailer...Im getting so excited!!
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  1. Have you ever read Dave Ramsey? Either Financial Peace, or Total Money Makeover? We're not there yet in his plan, but he has whole chapters devoted to saving for kids' college/futures!

    Happy (Belated) Father's Day! Oh what a joy to be here!

  2. Are you gonna do Harry Potter movie in IMAX? I've done that for the last two and it is AWESOME PANTS!


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