Friday, June 12, 2009

Dr JJ, Orthodontist

Don't worry, Im not comin' atcha with wires to fix your under bite.

And I promise the braces that I can offer you don't hurt-in fact, they are quite comforting.

Not long after we got our male factor diagnosis, I was feeling pretty knocked down. I was slowly getting into blogging, but still felt like I need a little bit more TLC. So, the Braces Bunch was born. You can read about the conception (ha, the only conception that has come easy to me) by going back in time to April 2007 (Link will open in a new window) annnnd the 1st anniversary last year.

The idea: Connecting with bloggers through snail mail--the good old fashioned USPS is our friend. Sending a note, card, letter to a fellow blogger when they need extra TLC, or to celebrate with them.

Here is just a sample of the ahhh-maaa-zinng TLC I have received over the past 2 years...

Over the past 2 years, we've had an fantastic group of women participate in the Braces Bunch-and each year, we re-group to see who needs to rotate out for a variety of reasons. And that means, we would love to invite a new group of snail-mail-junkies to join the Bunch!

Things to know:
  • Your info: Don't worry, it's safe. If you want to join, your address and info is protected in an invite-only blog, so Joe Schmoe can't google you.
  • Whos Bunchin' It? : If you are starting out on the IF journey, in the thick of treatments, currently carrying, adoptive mothers, parents after IF...etc. I guess I should have just said: all ALI chickies! (adoption, loss, infertility)
  • Keeping it real: Please be sure to read the posts I listed above. No exclusion here, since this blogging community is all about connecting. BUT please consider the time you can dedicate to sending out snail-mail before asking me to send you further info. And don't panic-you arent expected to send mail each week! This is just an added bonus to the blogging community we are a part of.
I'd like to encourage current and former Bunchers to weigh in--share your Braces Bunch expereince! Can't wait to add some new Bunchers!


  1. Can't wait to be a party of the Braces Bunch! I've actually had braces TWICE and this will be much more fun!

  2. Sending you an e-mail now. As a huge snail mail fan--this thrills me. :-)

  3. As a 2-year Buncher (wow!) I'd like to weigh in that I've made some great friends through the bunch and have gotten some fantastic mail!
    I also make a promise to be better about sending mail this year. :)

  4. I'd like to know how much is involved but am definitely interested. I think snail mail is a dying art form!

  5. ooooh I want to participate!!! My bff and i still send each other cards and letters :) what do i need to do?

  6. Oh oh, me me me, I want to join to!!!! Just let me know!!!


  7. Despite the fact I have been shitty about sending stuff out lately, I absolutely love being part of the Braces Bunch.

    I feel special knowing I was one of the original bunch. I have made so many genuine and long-lasting connections with other ALI chickies simply because we were in the BB together. You are a genuis for starting it up. xoxo

  8. I want to join! JJ I don't have your email though. :-)

  9. I finally got off my lazy duff and sent you an email with my info. I'd love to be part of the braces bunch. Sending snail mail to you was so fun last time. I'd love the opportunity to do it again, and I promise I won't mail someone a half-eaten tuna sandwich or anything.

  10. I'd love to give it a try. I believe I have your email address - I'll have to check my outlook inbox.....

  11. Oh how i would LOVE to be a part of the bunch. But i cannot. Why? I live in Cairo and the mail here SUCKS, i mean sucks bad. I get no mail, unless its fedex. And mail i send to USA does not always arrive. So i am sad but wish all the best for this bunch and know I am with you virtually! xoxoxox

  12. I am a 1 year member and LOVE snail mail. I promise to send more myself this year. :)

  13. OkeeDokee. Sounds great to me! I love getting your snail mail already so count me in!!


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