Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tweety Delivery!

I credit Mr. Roger's Neighborhood for a lot of my early knowledge, so in honor of Mr. McFeely, the speedy delivery man, I bring you a tweety delivery of today's happenings!
  • twitpic.com/7jfbh - Goooooood Morning! #
  • Recipe for crabby JJ: 91 degrees, humid as all get out, and AF in full force. Blech. #
  • Oh! And irony strikes again: we are at a coastal museum learning about crabs and about to have a crab boil. Go ahead and toss me in! #
  • Dude, Pamprin aint cuttin' it. Heaaaallllllppppp..... #
  • Gonna go swim in the pool. Hope it makes me cool. All the bloat should keep me afloat. and, I hope that O-man doesn't poo. #
  • twitpic.com/7kfxe - Yummy...pruney fingers! #
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  1. Does anyone even use Pamprin anymore? I thought that was one of those 1970's drugs that were just relabelled asprin. My OBGYN/surgeon recommended Advil for cramps and pain. I don't know anything about whether it prevents THE BLOAT (sounds like a horror movie). Hope things cool down a bit for you soon.

  2. well, in response to the above comment, I regularly use Pamprin. Wish it was working better for you, though.

    I love the Good Morning picture!


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