Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mile Zero

You don't need me to tell you that going down the road of infertility can feel like the longest, car-sickiest, are-we-there-yet, kind of trip.

It's a bit like starting at Mile Zero and working your way through intersections, stop lights, detours and dirty Rest Areas.

And it was not lost on me that when Mook and I visited Key West in the summer of 2007, that it was quite ironic that we were in a physical location of a "Mile Zero" when we were getting ready to go through our first IVF when we returned home.

So to find ourselves there again this summer, almost three years to the day, we talked a lot about the journey and the miles we have traveled since. You may remember me telling you that we gave Oman the middle name Miles for that very reason: the journey we took to have him in our life.

I haven't even told Mook this yet, but I claimed the reason I was rubbing my eyes after we snapped some tourist-y pictures, was because I was sweating (which I but I was weeping underneath my sunglasses. 'Cause sometimes--it just really hits me how much crap we went through, and how lucky we are.

The other cool moment?
(well, there were lots--like the fact that we got to stay with Rottenstinker's parents, who were amazing hosts)

We took a picture at the street sign that was special to us in '07. A name we loved...and thought "Wow, wouldn't it be cool to name our daughter that some day?" 

Funny how we didn't stray too far....

I guess each time you start down a new path, you pretty much start at Mile Zero. I sort of feel like that's where I'm stuck for the moment as far as adding to our family. Not sure when we'll "get in gear" so to speak. But I can tell ya....I'm enjoying the heck outta the little man who is GO GO GO all the time :)


  1. What timing on the Key West trip eh? Glad it created some good memories for this trip and allowed you to look back at some good memories from the past.

    And for the record, my parents didn't want you to leave.

  2. Who would have thought what a defining trip that was!


    that was a gorgeous post, I think I have had so many "MILE O"'s in my life. Kind of like that saying "that whenever a door closes another opens" and sometimes that door that is closing isn't an unhappy occasion, it's just the end of one place and settling into another. Your new beginning, your new life/advnture, your new MILE 0.

    we too had Olivia on our short list and to I'm just so glad that GO, GO, GO is keeping you happy and whenever your new road is, I hope it's a happy, happy trip.


  4. It's crazy when you are in the present, but you're almost back in time at the same time. I get the same feeling you get / got at Mile Zero and when realizing all that happened to be where we are. Glad it was a great trip!

  5. I love the photos of the key west. Isn't it funny the timimg of certain things? I so understand you on the whole stuck feeling. It's so hard when there are a lot of options but not always a clear cut path - isn't it? Whatever path you choose - I'll be here rooting for you!

    The new mile 0 it's both exciting and terrifying, huh? ((hugs))

  6. I love that you had this full-circle time in Key West! Not a bad view either, if you have to have one. ;o) Thanks for sharing the pics! Did you know you look remarkably similar to this cartoon... ;)

  7. Love this post (and the photos - especially the facial coverings. Poor Mook just has a word face. LOL).

  8. Wow, that is pretty ironic. And, wow you guys are lookin' good!

    Olivia had been our girl name since we started dating in 1995.

  9. Want to hear something really funny? Hubby and I took a trip to Key West in Jan 09, on the heels of my second m/c. I think it was the first time since beginning TTC that I really had fun. I loved that trip and I was IN LOVE with Key West. And I came home pregnant with Skeeter? Who would have thunk it? He also has a middle name inspired by Key West and our vacation there.

    I hope you are all having a wonderful time. I hope to go back with Skeeter someday!

  10. "And I came home pregnant with Skeeter?"

    Okay - that wasn't supposed to be a question. I did, in fact, come home pregnant. Bad punctuation!!

  11. I've been to the same place...twice with IV as well. Mile 0s are so hard, but also fresh and clean and full of promise.

  12. Welcome back and, like DaisyGal said, this truly was a gorgeous post.

  13. I love this, and I love the meaning behind O's name.

  14. Love this post, JJ.

  15. Hubby and I recently went on a date to a restaurant we had only been to once before. We both realized independently that the last time we were there was when we were kicking off TTC the first time. It kinda felt like Mile 0 for TTC #2 even though we had already done a cycle.


  16. Such a sweet story; and glad you have your precious O-man to enjoy after all those Miles!

  17. Excellent post.

    You made me think about E and I, the time we spent in Sweden. And the name we have picked out for a girl someday.


  18. Wow, amazing journey to an amazing kiddo... Im so glad to have shared it with you through this blog.


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