Monday, July 12, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday: Sitting


This is a rare sight these days. The Oman sitting still.

I guess he knew how behind I am on reading blogs, and perusing the internet.

Thank you, my sweet boy for sitting in my lap for more than 10 seconds. You made my day.

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  1. Those moments are few and far between around these parts too.

    When it happens, I try to soak up every ounce of it.

    I love that you captured it!!

    p.s. Did you see that I posted pictures a while back of Nugget in the outfit you sent?

  2. :) My daughter had no patience for blog checking either :)

  3. So which blogs did he help you read?

    Love the scene, JJ.

  4. Mine wont even sit on my knee let alone still... awesome moments if you can get them :)

  5. Great picture.

    And thank you O-man for sitting still so your mom could capture it. Precious.

  6. Aw, so sweet! I think we're in for some crazy times next week with 5 kids 2 and under.

  7. V gets super angry if I am on my computer around him. Sigh.

  8. Those moments are rare and precious!

    Thanks for sharing your Perfect Moment!

    -- visiting from Weebles Wobblog

  9. That sweet boy just makes me smile! Glad he gave you some time to read.

  10. We have the same boy - the one who never sits still. I never thought of taking this photo but I'm totally stealing the idea. I love it:-)


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