Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Place

I know where I want my final resting place to be.

I don't mean to start out on a morbid note, because to me, it brings me a lot of peace knowing exactly where I want to "return to to dust"

By the sweat of your brow
you will eat your food
until you return to the ground,
since from it you were taken;
for dust you are
and to dust you will return.
Genesis 3:19

My place is one that is full of life, memories, the echo of past footprints, a wooden swing, faded paint from years of sun, and the knowledge that if you keep your feet on the floor, you'll know someone is approaching by the vibration of the wooden planks.

July 4, 2010

My family knows this place as "The Sit.tum" -- our slang for the dock that sits off the family beach house where we sit 'em down. Our rears, that is :) I think each of my family members agrees that this is the most peaceful spot on the planet to us. And we each love it for the individual memories we have. 

You know the saying, "If these walls could talk..." Just modify that a bit : "If these boards could talk"
They are still the original wooden planks that were used to build the dock 29 years ago. So they've "felt" all sorts of memories.

Eating breakfast with my cousin as the sun came up, devouring watermelon and seeing who could spit the seeds the furthest into the marsh, countless sunsets, watching military helicopters prepare for Desert Storm, late night star gazing with my soon-to-be-husband, watching fireworks with my grandparents, standing in the sun and shouting into the wind, "I want to be a Mom!", prayers that the miracle growing in my belly would hang on through a bleeding scare, my sister's wedding, and most recently having that not-so-little miracle sitting on the swing with me--holding my hand, and sitting still as we enjoyed some precious mother-son time. 
So you can get a glimpse to why this is My many meaningful life moments, that it has always been easy for me to think of it as a final place. So tell me--am I the only "dark and twisty" one? I even know what song I'd like played at my funeral (Seat Ne.xt To You, Bon  

I do think this has been on my mind more recently, just for the fact that my family just celebrated my grandfather's 90th birthday. Spending time with him last week was so special--and I realize how lucky I am that all four of my grandparents are still living. I haven't known a summer at My Place without my grandparents being there...

I spent time last week repainting parts of the dock that I had stenciled with palm trees and waves when I was 10...twenty years of sunshine had made the paint fade quite a bit. But I did leave one section in its original form...just as a reminder to all who visit that My Place is welcoming of all things past, present and future....


  1. Oh I can feel the memories and the warmth through your words. How wonderful to have this special place with so many memories.

  2. I wish I could say I have a place like that and that any of my grandparents were still living.

    I can feel the peace in your words. Although I was brought to tears, this idea is not morbid in the least. Everyone should be so fortunate.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. your dock sounds wonderful....I would love to be on a beach somewhere, if we're fortunate enough maybe Aruba..or somewhere closer to home like the NJ shore, ( I want to be cremated so I figure it will be easier to visit me)

    when we lost my dad, my mom gave each of us a box of my dad's ashes (he was cremated) and I have taken little pieces of him to the shore, to every tropical wonderful place we've been so that he got to travel in the afterlife to all the beautiful places he never got to go,

    I too have songs picked out, a stern warning about certain readings that should not be read and what I'd like to wear, (of course that changes)

    I think it's wonderful to have a place that feels like "HOME" enough to make it that for eternity.


  4. I tell my sister I want to be cremated and placed under her bed because (it is a long story I won't bore you with) my sister found out that my grandmother's ashes had been under her bed for a few year and she FLIPPED I like to creep her out.

    I tell BigP that I want my organs donated if possible. If not, donate my body to a medical school or science. That way I can have some hot young man hands on me one last time. I mean, I'm never gonna have the chance to have a hot young doctor fondle me again. He never seems to appreciate it when I say it.

    Meh, I'll be gone. Have a party, remember the good times - prop me up next to the beer cooler. I don't care. Cremate me. Bury me.

    I guess it depends if BigP dies first. And what he has done. That may change my opinion.

  5. What a sweet post! And a great place for making more memories.

  6. What a wonderful spot! I wish our family had a spot like that. I am glad you have a place like that.

  7. The beach house sounds like it is home. I think ending up there sounds like a great plan. I don't think it's dark at all, I think it is good that you know exactly where you want to be - home.

  8. Sounds like an amazing place for both during and after life.

  9. What a beautiful post and a beautiful place. I love that you get to experience it with your family.

  10. this is just beautiful, JJ. I have many favorite places, but none with roots like that. lovely post!

  11. That is a perfect spot! I have not given this much thought at all - too busy giving thought as to how I'm going to pay for IVF # 6 and hopefully start my own little family...


  12. SO sweet. One day I hope our little ones will play on that dock together and we can make our own memories.

    It's not morbid to know where you want to be laid to rest or your ashes thrown or a party in your honor held. It just shows that you have such strong memories and experiences in the place that you chose that you want them to last forever.

  13. beautiful JJ.
    that picture. the words. it gave me goosebumps. ina good way!

  14. I fell in love with your place. This made me reminisce of my own memories and feel the chills of a lifetime of cherished moments and dreams. Beautiful.

  15. Oh the part about OMan made me cry, happy tears of course. I want to sittum with you one day and you can tell me about all the fun you had through the years. Love you Sis x


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