Thursday, May 7, 2009

2 & 3 Months

Sweet boy,

As you can tell, your mom isn't always on time. I wouldn't call it procrastinating...especially when it comes to you-I definitely enjoy nuzzling your sweet neck more than sitting at the computer. But I promised you I would write these--and since Im still way behind on your baby book, I need to keep something updated!

To realize that you are already 3 months old, is very hard for your dad and I to believe. The time seemed to crawl as we waited for you to come into this world, and now 24 hours goes by in the blink of an eye. Time needs to slow down...

But we also love each new day with you-it's almost as if you grow in the crib overnight! I can come in to get you some mornings, and swear you have grown 2 inches--and your face seems more defined.

And speaking of overnight: you have been sleeping through the night for 6 weeks now--you just started it one night, and have kept it up ever since. Your dad and I have one thing to say: THANK YOU! We definitely don't take this for granted, and know it could change at any moment--but the sleep all 3 of us have been able to get, have made us all a bit more cheery!

Your personality is really starting to shine through! The first smiles melted my heart-and now that you have started to giggle, I could just cry with delight every time. You really study us--your eyes scan over our faces and it makes me feel so warm when you hear my voice and turn to see me.

Here are some notable events for month 2 & 3:
  • We had a big snowstorm--I tried to have you hold a mini-snow ball, but you weren't a fan
  • Attended your first ACC Tourney Party-of course you had to wear items from your mom and dad's favorite teams. Sadly, neither of them won. We think you'll end up liking an entirely different team all together!
  • You look very serious a lot of the time-like you are already trying to solve the economic crisis. I think you have figured it out, but unfortunately you have no way to communicate this.
  • We went and visited with the RE who helped make you a reality, and the nurse that was so good to me during my hospital stay
  • You got to celebrate your first Easter-the Bunny was good to you!
  • You REALLY like waving your right hand. Conductor, maybe? President, maybe?

We are approaching some special anniversaries/milestones. This time last year, your dad and I were getting ready to start the IVF process again--the one that gave us you--I look forward to explaining the whole process to you one day.

Each day is a gift with you. I hope that if you ever have a bad day, or feel down, that you can look back on these posts and know how much you are loved.


  1. I can't believe Oliver is 3 months old already! Time has sure flown by! I have a hard time accepting that Lexi is going to be 4 weeks old tomorrow!!

  2. Those pictures are precious! Happy 3 months Oliver! I like how you wrote down the various things going on...I think I need to do more of that for Willow too.

    Happy 1st Mother's Day.

  3. !3! Months? NO WAY. That means, oh man, that means that Amelia is 3 months old.

    And why had I convinced myself that your son was named Owen? I HAVE NO IDEA.

  4. Love it...especially the last part. Oh PLEASE let me be writing a post like this in a year...

  5. Wonderful post and clearly so full of love that it makes my heart melt...

  6. I can't believe he is already 3 months old! And sleeping through the night!! Wow! What a big boy!!! :)

    I absolutely love Oliver's name on the wall. Where did you get those???


  7. 3 months! Wow! You are an inspiration!

  8. Gosh, I wish I had done something like this! It goes by so fast and now I try to remember certain things and can't.

    I really hope you have the best Mother's Day! I know my first one last year was so special!

  9. Jamie-Mook made those! He drew the little animals, and cut those and the letters out of the foam-craft. He had it ready when I came home from the hospital-talented man, I tell ya!

  10. i love the nursey Name painting! What a growing beautiful boy!

    Happy 3 months. YAH for sleep. (sorry you didn;t get much last night though)

  11. 3 months already??? Where does the time go?

    Love the pics!


  12. Awww...he is THE SWEETEST little one ever. THREE months already?? No way!

    Happy Mothers Day to you!

  13. Love the pictures! And I love the new look of the blog. It's great!

  14. i love this!
    that first picture is priceless. as is the last one...

  15. What an amazing difference a year can make!

  16. Oooh, I love your makeover! I can't believe your little guy is 3 months old. Where does time go? I'm already planning Nate's first birthday party. Surreal...

  17. Can you please get Oliver to tell Cailin how to sleep through the night or at least how to get to bed at a reasonable hour. Thanks so much. :)

  18. Happy 3 months, Oliver. The pictures are adorable.

  19. Oh my God, my son's name doodad is so lame compared to Oliver's!

  20. Just look at the O-Man grow! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing his life with us. It simply warms my heart to see how happy you and your little family are.

  21. He's so cute! Happy Mother's Day.

  22. This is such a sweet post!

    I can't believe he's been sleeping through the night already. I'll admit my jealousy over that one...

    Isn't it just amazing to see how much they change day by day. And it all goes by so quickly.

    He is so handsome! And so blessed to have you as a Mommy.


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