Thursday, May 28, 2009

Me, Crazy?

Apparently Delenn thinks so! Thanks, my friend :0)

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

1. My trip to NYC next week with Bee Cee !
2. My trip to the Outer Banks with LJ and V
3. The NC Blogger Cookout @ casa de JJ & Mook
4. A mini-trip with Mook in July, since last July was a bit rough...
5. Seeing the O-man tomorrow morning and every morning-he is such a morning person!
6. Working on my ooey-gooey projects
7. Crossing things of my daunting to do list
8. Reading on the beach

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Went to a motivational seminar
2. Watched DVR'ed episodes of The Real Housewives of NJ, So You Think You Can Dance? and The Bachelorette
3. Battled Mook in Guitar Hero (I won...)
4. Decided once and for all, I don't like beef hot dogs
5. Downloaded all my pictures from the wedding this past weekend
6. Finished unpacking from this past weekend
7. Learned I'm still afraid of the dark
8. Cried when I read "Goodnight Moon" to the O-man

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Play piano and sing at the same time
2. Worry less
3. Enjoy running
4. Scrapbook more
5. Go on a cross country car trip
6. Convince Mook that not all infomercials provide quality products
7. Go on a singing tour
8. Calculate percentages in my head

8 Shows I Watch:

1. The Office
2. Family Guy
3. Weeds
4. Dexter
5. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
6. So You Think You Can Dance?
7. Any of the Real Housewives shows
8. Private Practice

8 Favorite Fruits:

1. Strawberries
2. Grapes
3. Bananas
4. Kiwi
5. Star Fruit
6. Apples
7. Blackberries
8. Oranges

8 Places I'd Like to Travel:

1. Australia
2. San Fransisco, CA
3. Canada
4. Scotland
5. Italy
6. Ireland
7. Maine
8. Montana

8 Places I've Lived

1. Elon, NC
2. Richmond, VA
3. Lynchburg, VA
4. Lewisville, NC
5. Farmville, VA
6. Kernersville, NC
7. Burlington, NC
8. I've only got 7 places

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  1. Yay to NYC! Please give Bee Cee a big hug for me! Have a great time!

  2. I cry when I read "Goodnight Moon to my little munchkin, too. :)

    Fun lists!

  3. This one is doing the rounds! I did it, too and it was fun! Great job!

  4. If you cry at "Goodnight Moon," don't ever pick up "Love You Forever.'


  5. An awesome list. Mentioning reading to O-man made my heart happy for you. It is something I loved doing with my nephews and niece. Sounds like a fun summer of traveling.

  6. My son often chastises me for the crying at the drop of the hat--which I swear did not happen until I had kids! The worst offense--2 years ago, finishing the Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh (the boy is growing up and walks into the sunset with Pooh)...I couldn't finish reading it to him without blubbering....

  7. Dude!!! Your coming to the Outer Banks??? I would totally Love to meet you while you are out this way!!! Just let me know if you are interested!!!


  8. Thanks for sharing all your "8 things"...great to learn more and more about my blogging friends.

  9. When are you and LJ going to be in OBX? We're planning a few weekends this summer (hopefully) and would love to catch up with you guys...

  10. Once the drooling has subsided a smidge and the Twittering is all set up and going well, I am going to HAVE to answer these and post them. :) And BTW, I too love Cailin in the morning. Let's make sure Oliver and Cailin's first play date is a breakfast affair.

  11. Going on a cross-country road trip is on my "Big To Do List" as well. Flying may be convenient in many cases but there is something to be said about the journey being half the destination too. My grandparents used to travel cross-country by car for a month each Autumn & I've always wanted to as well since I was a little girl.

    But I really had to comment about your favorite tv shows, because while I find very few people who also watch Dexter or Private Practice, you are the *only* other person I have ever seen mention No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency!

  12. Fun!!!
    I tagged you on my blog!


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