Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jeans are on a Journey

When the twitter-craze started, I was a skeptic. I couldn't imagine updating what I was doing every minute of every day...and not that I've gotten to that point (push me down the stairs if I do) but I have found it really helpful as a micro-blogging-opportunity.

It started with me updating on how IVF Numero Dos was progressing--I could send updates right from the RE's office: how convenient! Then came bed rest where I couldn't really access my computer: super! Then when I couldn't wrap my brain around a whole blog post, twitter captured my random thoughts: fantastic! And of course the second round of bed rest in the hospital, and then the arrival of the O-man: what an amazing thing to immediately proclaim he was here safe and sound! Amazing to think that in our conversation in years to come, twitter will be part of our story when we tell the O-man about his birth story.

So here I am, the conformed skeptic joining a journey of 30 moms for 30 days in the month of June twittering about being new moms-and testing out a few products. And I'm excited to have my blog buddy, Rach, along for the journey!

It also makes me happy to particpate in another area where I can share the wonderful things this community does for one another, and educate others about infertilty and how being a new mom doesn't come easy. Please know that while this journey includes new-mom stuff, it will have the IF-community-seal-of-approval: I know and respect my roots!

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  1. I just had a mental image of you Twittering while being pushed down the stairs.

  2. this sounds so cool! I suck at checking in at twitter, but will have to subscribe to your feed in my reader so I can keep up!

  3. I was so confused about your your new Twitter name. *I had just woken up and hadn't guzzled my coffee yet* I'm glad you're doing this, it'll be fun! I can't wait to read more!

  4. I am soooo excited that we are in this together!!

  5. Twitter is fantastic. I'm not on as much as I'd like to... but I do love it!!! I tweet @5minutesformom and @susancarraretto

  6. I love the "Jeans" theme! I am excited to be on this Sling and Swaddle journey. Twitter is unbelievably addicting!It is interesting to have a fellow infertility survivor along the way.

  7. I won't lie - I'm super jealous of your mommyblogging coolness! :D


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