Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: A Note

A true passion: snail mail!

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  1. I love love love love snail mail. And that's why I loved joining the braces bunch II. I had such high hopes. When I first joined, I sent every single person a snail mail card. EVERY PERSON. And then I haven't since. I just can't do it. Three kids and a being a medical disaster case. It sucks. But I'm so glad you are keeping up with it. It's such a "small" thing to do for someone that means so much. You sent me a few card in the mail and I swear to you JJ, I treasured them!

  2. I love snail mail! A little birdie told me I have some snail mail waiting for me from my new friend JJ :)

  3. Ergh, I need to make a trip to the post office. I've been a bit behind. :)

  4. You, my friend, made my DAY with the snail mail you sent me. Thank you again...sooooo much. I'll be showing it off soon.

    DUDE! Did you check out my blog! I know you're I'll just tell you...they got 21 eggs (all mature) and 20 of them fertilized!!! We have embryos!

  5. There is something kinda mellowing and nice about putting a letter in the mailbox now. I kinda miss stamps. But that's why I go crazy at Christmas. My husbands been trying for the last couple years to get me to just send e-cards but I can't go there. Not until the postman comes no longer.

    Happy WW!

  6. I'm scratchin' my head trying to remember the last time I sent something besides a bill through snail mail.

    But my hat is off to ya!

  7. I am addicted to snail mail! In fact, I try to stock up on fun and neat cards when we are out garage saling. I have an entire drawer devoted to every holiday imaginable just so I can send cards. My family laughs, but they sure enjoy receiving the snail mail when I send it their way!


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