Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jeans Tweet Roundup

  • I managed to squeak in at the last minute! My #Perfect Moment Monday- tinyurl.com/dllgnh #
  • It's going to be a long Tuesday: work, errands, more errands. All in the rain. At least I have a snazzy umbrella! #
  • Had to have 2 moles removed-one that has TRIPLED, yes tripled, in size. Lovely hormones played a role. Recent #Greys Anatomy has me spooked. #
  • Not feelin' you, Tuesday. Ready for Wednesday... #
  • Can't let the day end without saying Happy Cinco de Mayo! Would have a homemade margarita, but realized Im out of tequila. Problem. #
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  1. I'm sure I could round up some tequila for "my new friend JJ." That's what I call you :)

  2. Bummer on the no tequila thing. I think I could use a margarita.

  3. You know? I had a mole removed too after Elyana was born!!! I waited a good 5 weeks for it to go down... No such luck. It used to be a nice pretty flat mole, and had just really started to protrude and I hated it.. So off it went. Darned hormones. How come the "What to expect" books don't mention this?


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