Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Motivation

I definitely don't lack it, I just get motivated in too many areas.
I definitely have some form of OCD that makes me want to do

I need to put some post-it-notes around the house coaching me to be OK with to-do-list is growing immensely long, and its got silly things on it, like: separate laundry. I mean really, can't I just throw it all in at the same time? But seriously, I do need to work on makes me incredibly sad when I get to the end of the day, and I haven't held or played with the O-man as much as I want to, because I'm apparently worried about the laundry.

Ironically, I went to a motivational seminar today with my co-workers, and I left with that ooey-gooey feeling you get after a week at camp. You promise you'll write and stay close...and it does last for a while, but then the new car smell starts to fade.

However, I needed that extra dose of ooey-gooey. It's given me that push to really start to take action on a few projects I get all warm-and-fuzzy thinking about...all driven by this journey, and as my thoughts come together, I can't wait to share them and get your feedback.

I struggle EVERY DAY to live in the moment, and I left with some tools to help me make some better decisions throughout my day.

Ehh, not so wordless, huh?

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  1. See and most the time I'm hugely lacking in motivation. I'm motivated to do only what's necessary, at least when it comes to housework. hehe.

  2. I could use some ooey-gooey and some motivation. I'm a little low on both. How about outsourcing some to me? ;-)

  3. I second you on the OCD...but I love that poster. It reminds me of the posters they have on the ceiling of the ultrasound rooms! All feel-goody and stuff!

  4. Funny, cuz I am having a motivation problem right now--I need to go to the gym today--but it is so rainy and grey out! :-)

  5. The, I am more of a Neat Freak (NF) and my husband is a Certified Slob (CS). So, long ago, even before the children...I had to learn to let go some of those things and we kinda met in the NF/CS middle. (And now I have an actual factual certified OCD child--who wants specific things done specifically--like a straw whenever he drinks milk, cuz of the milk mustache that he can't have). So, right now--the laundry is clean and in a huge mountain pile in our room. I guess that is another thing that I need motivation to tackle! :-)

  6. I struggle with the same... motivated to do too many things and never accomplish any one. I am finding lately I have to choose just one thing to focus on more and accept some things taking a back seat some days. Sigh. That's life and lately I wouldn't have mine any other way, though.
    Good luck.
    (and ps-laudry hampers with sorters are incredibly helpful, if you can train your husband to sort his stuff before tossing it in!)

  7. I'm so there.

    When Kiddo was a baby, I came across an article in one of the parenting magazines titled something like "The Good Enough Mom." It has revolutionized my life, and not just in motherhood.

    The basic jist is that if you stress yourself out dwelling on one detail (or failing to accomplish that detail), other things in your life suffer. Example... you stay up all night making the perfect cupcakes for your kid's birthday, but then you're impatient with them the next day and then feel guilty for snapping at your kid on their birthday. The Good Enough Mom alternative... buy storebought cupcakes for most of the guests, then work your little heart out decorating one special birthday cupcake for the birthday boy. Then go read stories with him and get to bed at the normal time. Lovely.

    I don't always follow this, but I'm happiest when I do.

  8. I,too, deal with OCD. It's frustrating at times, to say the least. I have been stressed lately b/c of all the things I need to get done before BB gets here (when in reality, there's not a lot, but it feels like it). Problem is, I can't get motivated. Then when I do, I get worn out so quickly I can't get enough done so I end the day feeling unaccomplished. Then the guilt sets in. Then it begins again in the morning:-)

    I'm looking fwd to your ideas to come from your ooey-gooeyness:-)

  9. It's really hard to separate the "I have to do right NOW" things and the "oh it can wait" things. You'll get the hang of it. In the mean time just LOOK at that adorable guy and all the troubles will melt away!

  10. I LOVE the poster. So true, so true.

  11. I'm glad you came away with something! I used to be more like that... but then working as a mental healthy counselor really helped me get loosen up. So many of my clients had wonderful lives underneath all of their anxieties/OCD/etc.... it really struck me that you can live a long time missing out on so much if you focus too much on the small stuff.

  12. Oh Man! I need to go to that motivational seminar. I need some of that .. I lack

  13. I have a ton of projects on my mental radar, but can't find the energy to dive in to them! I hope I find it soon, because I know I'll feel better if I can be productive in between cuddling my squishable miracles. :)


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