Friday, November 6, 2009

Brought to you by: The Letter B

B is for BOTTLE

And no, not these kind....

THESE kind....

I can't say for sure when I started liking wine. But I'm in love now. Our relationship matured quickly.

I know that the wine coolers I had in college made me think I knew what wine was like, but thank goodness there were better options after Zima (ever add a jolly rancher to it?!), Mikes Hard Lemonade*, and Boone's Farm!

I definitely don't consider myself a wine snob. I don't do well with pairing my food with what wine I drink--I just like what tastes good! However, I seem to go through phases with my red and white-up until recently, when LJ reintroduced me to a great red, I was strictly drinking white and blush--and now I'm back to enjoying a good Shiraz/Cabernet/Merlot every now and then.

I'm also lucky to live in a state where you can't go ten miles and not see a sign for a vineyard. We definitely enjoy supporting the local economy :)

BUT, I feel there is huge void in my wine relationship.

I have yet to enjoy Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's. GASP! I know...its terrible and I feel ashamed to admit this. But, we don't have a TJ's near me--so I'm determined to map out the nearest location, and make sure I take a road trip in the very near future.

What is your favorite wine? Is there one that should be occupying a slot in my wine fridge?

*I do know some people who still enjoy this beverage, and if I'm honest, I still reach for one every now and then...


  1. I think my Mike's craving is over for now. It bit me in the ass the next day so I decided that since it can't play nice with my belly then it will remain in time out until the next random craving occurs (& for my sake, I hope it isn't anytime too soon.)

    Just give me a good Zima and I'm all good. (J/K)

  2. I LOVE...and I mean, can-drink-3-bottles-in-one-sitting-if-given-the-chance...Bricco Riella. It's a white wine, and there's only one liquor store that carries it here. You can buy it either on the shelf or already chilled. Seriously. You must try it (preferably chilled).

  3. I was JUST getting good at (and enjoying) drinking wine when I got my little "surprise" and have had to shelve my new interest for a few months. I do plan on picking up right where I left off in a few months though.

    As for the Mikes, I too enjoy this on occassion. A hot, sunny day with a glass of Mikes on ice can be very refreshing. Although it's not something I could do too often.

  4. mmmmmm. I wanna come over!!
    I love anything by la crema.

  5. I wish I liked wine. Lots of wineries around California. I don't though. Once in a while I'll find a Reisling that is ok but otherwise no go.

  6. We're not very sophisticated here. :)
    We like local wines we find on trips - a blackberry and a peach on our honeymoon in Pigeon Forge, TN, and an apple blueberry in Peaks of Otter, VA for an anniversary.

    And I do still like Mike's. :)

  7. I still like Mike's on occasion. Though, those occasions seem to be getting fewer and farther in between...

    IMO, the Two Buck Chuck reds are much better than the whites. Definitely worth a try.

    You didn't mention Pinot Noir, but we really like Castle Rock Pinot Noir. They have it at our BJs but it's reasonably priced even at regular liquor stores. We've brought it to parties and it seems to be pretty popular.

  8. You know I brought Two Buck Chuck with me to schulbfest 09 but once we went to the vineyard we drank that instead. I should have sent it home with you!

    I love Pino Noir and Montepulciano. Both reds and as this point I'm not real partial to a particular brand.

    I do like Mike's but only if it is Cranberry Lemonade!

  9. Reasonable reds we drink all the time: 7 Deadly Zins, Jest Red, and Menage a Trois. Red we drink on special occasions: Franciscan cabernet.

    We don't have a Trader Joes anywhere near us either (possibly in the whole state?) and it saddens me.

  10. i love pinot noir. I'm mostly a dry, white wine kinda gal, but i've been on a pinot noir kick. delicious..

  11. I like Carmenere.

    But I would love ANY wine if I got to share it with you.

    Well, maybe not Boone's Farm.


  12. I'm mostly a red wine person--merlot being my favorite. I also like Plum Wine and Saki. (Frankly I tend towards the sweeter, mediciney tasting kinds)

  13. Hi JJ - It's Susan. Here in Idaho we have a place called Ste. Chappelle that makes an awesome Ice Wine (great for dessert!) and a Riesling that is out of this world. I am also partial to an Oregon wine called Blue Moon. The bottle is dark blue, and the cork is every color of the rainbow. Gosh it has been too long since I enjoyed a good glass of wine. Sigh.

  14. Oh, yes! I was known to enjoy a Zima + jolly rancher back in the day.

    I am not a good wine drinker in that I never sniff it, I can't pick out all the flavors and I don't know what foods to eat with which wine. Also, the more expensive it is, the worse it tastes to me.

    My favorites are Relax Reisling and V. Sattui Gamay Rouge. Ahhhh . . . I could use a glass right now!

  15. I go through phases and currently I'm in a red zinfandel phase. I admit, I tend to drink whites in the summer and reds in the winter. I'm not sure why. One of my husband coworkers gave him a bottle of 2 Buck Chuck a thank you because we gave them our old bedroom set and it wasn't bad. Not bad at all.

  16. I loved the wine talk at your house.

  17. While it feels like I haven't had a glass of wine in a million years (between nursing Lemy and this new pregnancy) but I'm a big fan of Seven Deadly Zins for regular drinking. Also, I'm a fan of Riojas in general (I'm a red wine snob!) ;)

    We'll have to have a wine and cheese party with local wines as G and I have yet to go to the wineries here and we are dying to go!

  18. My favorite? Probably the Pinot Noir from J winery. It's not cheap, but not break the bank. It's good for, say, a nice family dinner. It's freaking yum.

  19. Pacific Rim Reisling (there is a dry and sweet, I prefer the dry but both are awesome) and Lapis Luna Merlot.
    YUM. Wine rules!

  20. trader joes nearest loca is in Chapel Hill. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Tj is the best invetion ever!!
    I like Weathervane... But you know.. Ken for Christmas last year signed me up for wine of the month club. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! I got some great whites to cook with and they were from all over! TRULY a cool present!!

  21. The La Crema is great with a salmon. If you enjoy 7 Deadly Zins, then you should try Gnarly Head. This is good with pizza or bbq. We were also getting into wine and had been purchasing from Wattle Creek Winery in San Francisco area, there wines were great as well.

  22. I never know what wine to pair with what food, but I do enjoy it!

    M. and I just recently went north for a weekend of wineries...we brought quite a bit home.

    I hope I can't enjoy it anytime soon ;)

  23. Zima with a jolly rancher! Every collegians beverage of choice! I'd forgotten about that..

    My favorite reds are Red Zinfandels, and pretty much anything out of Lodi, CA is worth it (I can recommend a few brands for you, if you're interested).

    Locally, my favorites are RagApple Lassie's Zinfandel or their Booneville Blanc. I'm not always much of a sweet wine drinker, but I LOVE the Booneville Blanc. It's the perfect mix of sweet and tart.

    Oh, and also the wines from Hanover Park are amazing. Their Vin D'Orange is spectacular (if a touch pricey), but is definitely more of a dessert wine than a drink-a-few-glasses kind of wine. And their blueberry wine is good, too. Their reds are great, but they're very "farmy" tasting, as Mourvedre and Chambourcin grapes tend to be.

    Oh, I WISH I could tour some wineries with you guys! We would have so much fun! We'll just have to put that on the "someday" list...


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