Monday, November 23, 2009

Brought to you by: The Letter S

S is for SINGING

One of my favorite things to do.

You could find me on any given day in my 6th year of life, grasping a hair brush and belting out the lyrics to "Material Girl" for all the stuffed animals who were attending my tea party.

Singing has always been my outlet--some people walk, some people read, some dance--and I love those things too--I just happen to be in MY ZONE when I am doing my best to sound like Norah Jones or whoever comes on my Pandora play list. I even caught myself humming a Miley Cyrus song early this morning.

I love musicals--good grief, do I love them! I love acting/singing in them and I get the most euphoric feeling watching them on TV/movies, or even better--seeing them live. When I was in NYC with BeeCee earlier this year, we got to see Mary Poppins on Broadway--and it reminded me that I'm not ready to be done with my musical theater career just yet. I would absolutely LOVE to play "Roxie" in Chicago before (let me be dramatic here) the final curtain comes down on my theater career.

And there was a moment today that led me to tweet this:

How great would that be? If we all magically new the same song, and just busted out in harmony! And I think it's only fair that I share my "life in a musical" moment with you :)


  1. It was supposed to be a recording of you belting out your favorite song. ;) Just kidding. LOVE it! It's a wonder O-man didn't come out of the womb singing and dancing.

  2. I hope you're going to bring out your Christmas CD again. You have a gorgeous voice.

  3. I love it! That gave me a huge smile on this rainy day!!! I love that O-man giggled too!

  4. I love the O-Man bouncing to Stevie. What an awesome piece of sunshine on a rainy Seattle day.

  5. Oh that was the most darling little video! I love that song. And I love your singing--got your X-mas CD, waiting to be brought out after T-Day!

  6. OMG, so cute. He looks so much like you

  7. Ugh, I'm just having a time! I commented from my black berry and it is gone...

    I think this is so sweet! You know I LOVE to sing...only problem is that others probably don't LOVE to hear me sing! Being a mom now I can sing as loud as I want and I have a captive, appreciative audience! Just wait until you are singing annoying YoGabbaGabba songs all day because he loves them so much.

  8. Hey you forgot...we saw '9 to 5' as well!!

  9. I also love singing - it just sucks that I'm so bad at it ;)


  10. I don't think I've commented here before. Been lurking for a little while and had to comment on this post.

    Wouldn't it be great if life were a musical? Busting out in song during good times and bad but always with a happy ending?

    Broadway changed my life "For Good."

    Love the video and the giggles. Adorable!

  11. I love it!! I told Hubby just recently how thrilled I am to have someone who likes to hear me sing. By the time he can say anything about it, he'll like it anyway!!

    Thanks for posting that video - it brought out big smiles.

  12. That adorable face coming towards the camera simply cannot be beat!

  13. Awwww - what a happy little guy! That just made my day.


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