Sunday, November 29, 2009

Brought to you by: The Letter Y

Y is for YELL

O-man has always been vocal--jabbering on and making noise--and I love hearing it!

And in the past week or so, he has found that this jabbering and noise level can go UP a few notches.

We decided to skip the 5th serving of leftovers on Saturday, and went out for a meal. During which, the O-man decided to entertain all in ear shot by YELLING a rendition of the song, "La-la-la-la"


  1. What? Your's doesn't have volume control?!

    Willow is doing the yelling thing alot too...I guess they are happy happy kiddos!

  2. Oh Lord... visions of C and O-man together in a room together. WOW. Should I bring my Bose noise canceling head phones??


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