Saturday, November 21, 2009

Brought to you by: The Letter Q


List of questions currently rattling around in my noggin:

  1. Will O-man sleep through the night?
  2. Will Mook come home with more than was on the shopping list?
  3. Do I have enough milk to put in my cup of tea?
  4. Where did I put my iPod?
  5. Did I switch the laundry?
  6. Will I ever get the mothball smell out of my winter sweaters?
  7. Is it really time for winter sweaters?
  8. Why isn't my friend writing me back?
  9. How can I make my to-do list shrink?
  10. Will I finally figure out what to get Mook for Christmas?
  11. Why is there red fuzz on my desk?
  12. Where is the dog?
  13. Why does it bother me that I can't end on #13?
  14. Will I get to finish O-man's baby book before his 1st birthday?
  15. Why can't I just do nothing and not feel guilty?

What are some questions you are thinking about?


  1. Well, now I feel guilty for just doing nothing! LOL!

    And I haven't even spent a second thinking about Christmas.

    Also, I just found my iPod in an old canvas bag and I thought I'd completely lost it! It's been at least a good 10 months. So happy!

  2. 1. Why do I keep getting these headaches?

    2. What am I going to do about clothing when I return to work? Nothing fits and I don't want to buy stuff because it soon won't fit.

    3. What am I going to serve for food/drink at Ruby's 1st birthday?

    4. Where are we going to get our sushi fix from today?

    5. Will I be able to wait until March 30th to evict my tenants?

    Dude, my head is full of questions, I could take over this whole comment section. I'll stop now.

  3. I'm with Tara - I'll try to limit my space. :)
    1. Will I ever get motivated enough to exercise?
    2. Will my husband ever find a job?
    3. When will the Bug sleep through the nigh? :)
    4. Will the Jumping Bean and Nugget wake up happy from their nap?
    5. What can I make for dinner tonight if we have company?
    6. Will my blood pressure ever go back to normal?

    enough for now. :)
    Enjoying your posts!

  4. Question #1 is a constant in our house these days, but you know that already.

    Here are my other ones though:
    1. How the hell am I going to pack for xmas?
    2. How the hell am I going to pack for xmas?
    3. How the hell am I going to pack for xmas?

    You get the idea.

  5. Will i be successful in an important meeting in the US?

    Will IVF for the fourth time finally work?

    Can i really let some things go?

    Why do i love shoes so much?

    Me too, i could so belt out the questions floatin around here girl.....

  6. I've got to say I'm loving these letter based posts! SO creative!

    As for my questions...

    Is Thanksgiving really this week?

    What am I making for dinner tomorrow?

    Will this pregnancy stick?

    Do I have to pee again????

  7. Right now - When will the fussy stage end? I am so very grateful Skeeter sleeps so well during the night but I really think it is because he gets so mad during the day, he is exhausted by bedtime.

    But when I wake him up in the morning, that first smile makes it all worthwhile.

  8. Will I miscarry this one, too?
    Will the nausea ever end?
    Am I going to be a good parent?
    Do I just want a baby and not a child?
    Will I live through childbirth?


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