Thursday, November 5, 2009

Brought to you by: The Letter A

So I wont admit to you how many times I had to count the number of days in the calendar to match up with the letters in the alphabet.

See, Ive had this plan for 30 posts in 30 days since I remembered it was NaBloPo month--but, of course....there are 30 days in the month, and there are only 26 letters in the alphabet.

Like I said, I wont tell you how long it took me to work it all out.


And in honor of my most favoritest childhood show, Sesame Street, I wanted to do my part in honoring the 40th anniversary. I dont know what I would have done with out Big Bird and Grover...but much as Sesame Street was a fantastic influence on my childhood, it also caused me to have some issues...

I cant look at a letter (or number, for that matter) without thinking of its puppet version--and whether its female or male. Really.

It's a total OCD thing. Like, when we were deciding on the O-man's name, I had to figure out if the letters in his name were balanced enough--I didnt want too many female puppet letters since he was a he.

Still with me, or have you called the loony-bin? Dont tell me Im the only one....

So I hope you enjoy this homage to the the educational show that was such a great influence, no matter how you spell it out :0)

A is for ACTIVE

Oh man, is he ever!

It's like a light switch just turned on one day not long ago...he was rolling, sometimes scooting, and content to just sit and play with toys in front of him. And then: BAM.

Crawling, waving, pulling up to stand. And now throw swimming like a fish into the mix. He is not afraid of the water--which is great--just man, I am zonked by the end of class. Forgot it might be a good workout for dear old mom.

I knew this phase was coming--I just didnt know how FAST it would happen. He's really becoming a little boy. A fantastic, ACTIVE, little boy....

Look, Ma! I can sit!

Look, Ma! I can crawl!

Look, Ma! I can stand!


  1. Oh don't get me started on your quirks. :) You know how much I love them.

    OMG, my legs were like jello when I got out of the pool. Talk about a work out!! Holy Moly!

    Maybe we should let the guys chase after the kids while we drink! :)

  2. go go go go baby O! This age is so fun!

  3. i love sesame street!!

    if you think the first year goes by fast, wait until the second...


  4. Oh, and it has just started. In 10 months he will move at the speed of light from the time he wakes up until the time his head hits the pillow. Enjoy this controlled active time!

  5. Love, love, love your super expressive O-Man! It's just incredible the faces he makes, and I love how you share his thoughts with us. So fun! Keep it up!

  6. I love Sesame Street and I love that much fun!

  7. He's so BIG, JJ! Wow! How did he get to be such a big boy!?!

  8. I can't honestly say I remember that much about Sesame Street. I don't even remember what the whole letter puppet thing is.
    He does sound like an active little guy. And so cute.

  9. I loved Sesame Street, and then it was the Muppets. Oh, and Mr. Rogers. At one point, my husband and I discussed that if Mr. Rogers came on t.v. and told us to rebel--we would! I am looking forward to having Willow watch it. (Michael's ritual for a while when he was this age was to watch Elmo's World every day).

    Your OCD would fit well in my house--where my organizational skills are actually the LEAST OCD thing in the house....

    Love the pics of O-man, he is growing up!

  10. He's so adorable!

  11. I LOOOOVE Sesame Street. For a good time, look up some old You Tube videos of it, like the Pointer Sisters "12" song or the Ladybug Picnic song. Such great stuff.

  12. Why does it all have to happen SO FAST!!! Darin and I were looking at pictures from when Oscar was a tiny compact baby that I could hold in one arm. Isn't it funny how I thought it was hard work back then?

    Oman is SOOOO cute!

  13. Oh.My.Goodness. I can't believe you've cracked the mystery of why I assign gender to letters and numbers. This makes perfect sense since I was an AVID Sesame Street watcher as a child. Too funny!

    Just wait (don't you love when people say that...) The active phase just gets more and more active! He's such a cutie!!

  14. Loved Sesame Street!

    Such a fun stage...where they are starting to become mobile!

    Glad to hear swim lessons are going well!

  15. What a sweet boy! Our pediatrician tells me to enjoy this phase while our boy is sweet but immobile. But it is hard ~not~ to look forward to those days.

  16. He's really grown so much in the last month, I can't believe it. He's so amazing.

  17. Look at O-man GO! Wow! He is quite well-represented by the (letter A) ACTIVE!

    And no. Not calling the looney bin yet! We all have our oddities, and yours just happened to result in a great name for your son!

  18. enjoy every moment with kids; soon they will outgrown you. have fun with your baby now ;-)

  19. The samethinf happened with Lemy. It took her forever to learn to crawl and then she crawled for like a month and the started walking and running. By 13 months she was walking proficiently. It's amazing and kinda sad at the sametime. Not to mention, immobility had it's perks! ;)


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