Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brought to you by: The Letter M


I don't think the letter M is "yucky"--just loved that I could finally feature Oscar the Grouch!

Webster's defines motivation as: a force, stimulus, drive.

Motivating me right now? My old nemesis, Aunt Flo.

She's motivating me to make some decisions I have been putting off.

Some people, or most people, as the nurse kindly told me at my postpartum check up back in March, have "much lighter periods and light cramping" after giving birth.

Weeelllllll, I am not most people. But we all knew that a long time ago. So it has not come as a surprise that I have had heavier periods with Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde type cramps.

Dude, seriously--the first three days of my sometimes 9 day long period, don't even think about *pissing me off.

I'm even cramping really bad around ovulation--so to feel this way every two weeks is starting to get really old.

And how uncool is it of me to WANT (*gasp*) to go back on the pill when it will: prevent me from getting pregnant...ya know, because it was so easy for us to get pregnant.

But back in my
naïve days, when we were "preventing", I barely noticed when AF came and went--yes, I am one of those people who does well on the pill.

Not only do I need to go back on the pill for physical reasons, but I'm not too fond of being back in TP Tango land. Im not ready for that dance.

So I am fully motivated to call my super-duper OB tomorrow and get back to popping pills on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, eveerrrryyy daaay....ahhhhhh. (Yea that song is now in your head, isnt it?)

I apologize for the snarky tone of this post--I am, in fact, currently IN that pissy part of the cycle. Now, SCRAM! :)


  1. I am all for you popping pills if it gives you some sanity right now because Lord knows if you can get any kind of relief from that bitch of a visiting relative (Aunt Flo) then go for it!

    Sending big sappy hugs from the west coast. :)

  2. If it gives you peace of mind and a bearable uterus then pop away. I don't blame you a bit.

  3. I never had any issues on the pill either. Do watcha need to do there kiddo. Nothing wrong with using modern birth control technology. Give plenty of time to the O man to the the special baby.

  4. That song IS in my head now. Meh! But Nancy Regan was wrong, just say yes to drugs.

  5. Snarky is good if that is what you need. Snarky can also be FUN. I think using the pill to moderate your AF and help smooth out the moods is goo too.

  6. I never did well on the pill until I was old enough to remember to take it every single day at the exact same time (er, 31 would be the age at which that happened for me...). Oh, and until I lost 60 lbs. Of course, the pill generously allowed me to retain my belly pudge in spite of all weight loss. Awesome.

    Anyhow, I have to say that despite the fatigue and occasional twingy cramps and tiny waves of nausea, I definitely prefer being pregnant to getting my period every month. Aside from the emotional wreckage that AF caused by powerfully showing me how NOT PREGNANT I was every month, I just hated the cyclical nature of it-- ups and downs, ovulation cramps and AF cramps, moodiness, always the same, always happening, like it or not.

    I'm actually thinking that if I make it to delivery with twins, I'll probably ask to have my tubes tied, so I don't have to fuss with birth control at all. Knowing that we've got some on ice, and knowing that even if we didn't, our conception process bypasses the tubes altogether, it seems like a safe bet to keep us from unexpectedly getting pregnant. Though if my post-partum cycles end up like yours, I'd take the pill, too, just to balance things out a bit.

  7. Good luck with the pills - hope they bring you some much needed relief! Don't rule out using Nuvaring - it's a lot easier than taking a pill every day.

  8. Ok, should have read your blog before I responded to your Tweet! I'm sorry, girl, hope you didn't get upset by my prying...

    I do miss the light periods that came with the pill. Good luck with the OB-I know it isn't the most fun place to go for so many reasons!

  9. A girl's got to do, what a girl's got to do!

    I miss the light periods I had on the pill, too!

  10. If only periods were optional.

  11. I was also one of those people who did very well on BCP. So well, it was shocking to find out how bad I did OFF the pill. Crazy stuff . . .


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